Step 1: Make Them Pay

As a continuation to this post, I have a proposition. The GOP is going after Democratic Congressional candidate Travis Childers using some pretty deplorable tactics that are pretty much race baiting. Now, I’ve been saying, time and again, we have to start pushing back on the hard fights, on the dog whistles and minutiae, and this is exactly what I’m talking about.

We can all sit around and debate whether or not Wright is a liability, or we can make damn sure that he isn’t. If we had all our ducks in a row, every time the GOP dropped a deplorable tactic such as this, we’d make them pay for it. And that’s what I propose we do now.

I say, we turn this ad against Childers into a fundraiser for him. He may still lose this war, but if the netroots are really going to make a big difference, it should be on things like this. If the GOP wants to get dirty, I say we make them hurt for every drop of mud and filth they choose to throw.

Make them effing bleed for it.

Please donate to Travis Childers, and pass this along to any other blogs and friends you know.

The ad in question is below the fold.

Every time, make them pay.

One Response to “Step 1: Make Them Pay”

  1. DrGail says:

    You’re right, we need to rally around our own — I just dropped him a donation. The worst part of that ad IMO is that they are trying to drive a wedge between Childers and Obama, insisting that Childers should repudiate the endorsement. Uh, uh. . .they don’t get to get away with that!


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