Stop Acting Like Children!

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The debate from two nights ago was not merely a sad night for journalism.

It marks a sad time for liberal blogging as well.

I write these things as someone who is as guilty as anyone out there. I have been as bitter a partisan in the battle between Obama and Hillary as they come from time to time, but I am guessing that what I saw two nights ago registered differently with me than it did with others.

What I have seen over the last twenty-four hours has been a further erosion of the liberal blogosphere when I didn’t think such a thing was possible, and I was struck with just how childish many of you have become. I’m talking about the big names here, the a-listers, the folks that a blog like ours would kill to get a link from, or at least, once upon a time I would have killed to get a link from these people.

Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a part of this.

Too many blogs in the blogosphere are like third-graders, waving fingers and screaming, “you started it!” Now everyone’s declaring that everyone else isn’t really a Democrat anymore, and we’re beating up on each other more than ever before.

Clinton supporters are reveling in the fact that Obama “finally” got what he had coming to him, as though the media didn’t spend the past five and a half weeks drumming up every little ounce of controversy it could find, while the Obama supporters are using the aftermath of two nights ago to beat up on Hillary and her supporters even more.

And this from a community that prides itself on its capacity for nuance and thought, from a community that calls itself the “Reality based community.”

In case you all missed it, the reality on the ground is that no matter who we send up as our nominee, they are going in under seriously heavy fire, and this netroots organization that is supposed to be able to counteract that is paralyzing itself with in-fighting.

Have you all lost your damn minds?

For those bloggers who are supporting Clinton, understand that the Obama bloggers and the neutral bloggers both have grievances against you and your candidate, and they are not all imagined. In fact, there would likely not be a single significant call for Hillary’s ouster if it wasn’t for the fact that her campaign and her unfortunately most vocal supporters have decided to adopt a “we win or no one wins” attitude. CUT IT OUT! I’m serious, do you really think you are helping anything out by allying yourselves with the Right Wing Attack Machine? Using their talking points? Do you really think that even if you use the most depraved methods and you do manage, somehow, to install Clinton as the Democratic nominee that doing so will not burn any bridges?

Get over yourselves. Even if Clinton manages to win the nomination, the one thing you must remember is that Clinton needs Obama supporters. She needs them in the voting booths, and more importantly, she needs them in the grassroots and the netroots. She needs them in phone banks and sending letters and making phone calls to the media every time they decide they want to make this an election of distraction as opposed to an election of ideas.

And Obama supporters, whatever the math has to say, Clinton has every right to stay in this race, and you aren’t helping a damn bit by tarring and feathering a candidate who still has millions of supporters hoping she’ll win this thing. You’re just pissing them off. And yes, once the dust settles, Obama is going to need Hillary’s supporters as much as she would need his.

I know the delegate math, I know the statistical probabilities, and I know the polls; I, like many of you, have been studying them day in and day out. Well, the fact of the matter is, the race isn’t over until a nominee is named. Whatever the statistical probabilities are, Obama has not been declared the presumptive nominee and therefore the contest continues on. Realize that you are only pissing off a huge number of potential allies by trying to push their candidate out of the race before it is over. It’s not over, and instead of running around trying to convince people it is over, you would better serve Obama and this party by continuing to make the case that he should be the nominee as opposed to trying to convince the other candidate shouldn’t.

Cut the crap people, I’m serious. If you are a Democrat, or a progressive, and you got out of the debate that Obama got his due, or that Clinton is an evil bitch, you obviously weren’t watching the same debate that I watched.

The debate that I watched proved without a doubt that the mainstream media not only does not respect the Democratic party, but views its candidates with utter disdain. The debate I watched proved that whomever we nominate is going to face the same kind of misquoting abomination that killed Gore’s presidential bid, and the lack of journalistic integrity that killed Kerry’s.

The debate I watched proved that the last thing we need to be doing is fighting amongst ourselves, and instead we should be working on ways to make sure that OUR nominee doesn’t get absolutely railroaded by the mainstream media. We need to make sure that OUR nominee isn’t constantly kept on the hotseat while John McCain gets to go scot free with nary a single challenge to his campaign.

Indefinite war in Iraq.

A new war in Iran.

More tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations while the middle and working class continue to suffer under this economy.

Rising gas prices.

Rising food prices.

“Constructionist” judges.

More torture.

More domestic spying.

Immunity for telecoms.

This is just a preview of what we have in store for us should John McCain become our president. Now, we can all act like children and win whatever imaginary prizes there are to be had by beating up on our own allies and colleagues, or we can act like adults, get over ourselves, and start working together.

The choice is yours. Don’t fuck it up, more than your pride is at stake.

(edited by DrGail)

7 Responses to “Stop Acting Like Children!”

  1. Wow, nicely said.
    Once again Kyle – You da man…


  2. Thank you Rd. No, You da man!

  3. Dynamic says:

    This is one heluva post. Good on you for saying what really needed to be said.

    Let’s hope some of the rest catch on.

  4. It would definitely be nice, but I’m afraid this post didn’t get a lot of play today, oh well. With any luck this thing will end sooner than later and we can just deal with it and hopefully, um… move on.

  5. Ricardo Martinez says:

    Amen. Democrats, Progressives etc… need to square their shit away a.s.a.p. or they WILL be embracing the suck come this November.

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