Taking a Day Open Thread

Hey guys, I’m going to be taking a day, maybe two to just clear my mind and recharge.  In my absence, I leave you in the very capable hand of my co-bloggers, and this open thread with which to amuse yourself.

See you no later than Thursday!

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  1. Angellight says:

    Is the Republican-owned Media trying to Sabotage Barack Obama’s campaign? Why else would they give a “retired” Rev. Wright all that Air time by blocking out all three Cable News Channels to air Rev. Wright’s 45 minute speech at the National Press Club, LIKE HE IS THE PRESIDENT OR SOMEONE, something they do not even do for the Candidates themselves, John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, block out 45 minutes of air time to air their stump speeches!

    Are Repbublicans trying to help Hillary win the Democratic nominee? Are they hoping to win the White House with the help of African-Americans turned off by the Clintons’ “kitchen sink-strategy” directed at Barack Obama? Is that why McCain is so actively wooing them? These things have to be considered?

    Let’s be clear, the only Ones who have made Race an Issue in this campaign are the Clintons and the Republican-controlled media — as from the start, Barack Obama has tried to transcend Race, but they will not let him as it would be to their disadvantage… They do not want a candidate who inspires hope, unity and change so they, and the Clintons — the two-headed Giant –are trying to bring Obama down anyway they can! The Republicans for their own reason (they don’t want change) and the Clintons for theirs (they want the nomination)! Either way it is a mighty battle and if they get their way, the People Lose!

    [comment recovered from spam bin @ 18:40, since the program shouldn’t have taken it]

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