Temporary In Every Way But Definition

The Guardian has come up with a “secret” and “sensitive” document which would outline a new agreement that would replace the old UN mandate regarding the activities of coalition forces in Iraq.  While the document makes the claim that US presence in Iraq will only be, “temporary,” it paves the way for an open-ended and ultimately indefinite occupation of Iraq.

This is of course a complete and total shock.  As much as Petraeus’ testimony on the hill today that we need more time in Iraq will be totally unexpected and will likely result in me having a grabber the moment the headline hits.

Kevin Hayden believes this is all a show of Bush’s lack of confidence that McCain will win the White House; essentially the president is attempting to tie the hands of whomever will replace him into maintaining a neverending presence in Iraq.  Since McCain’s not only already on board, but also likely to try to go to war with Iran for funsies, I’m guessing there would be no reason to lay the groundwork for a permanent presence in Iraq if he was a shoe in for the presidency.

Me personally?  I can’t convince myself to be either shocked or particularly outraged anymore.  Just deeply saddened.

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