Thank Goodness!

The North Carolina Democratic Party has canceled the debate scheduled on April 27th.

Due to “logistical issues,” and “time constraints,” the NC Dem party is forgoing the slated debate, but further on down it cites party unity as well.  There are plenty of ways to interpret this, and I’m sure that there will be members on both sides that will do so in the most unkind of terms.  But let’s face it, further debates between these two candidates goes well beyond beating a dead horse and extends into a particularly morbid practice of making glue.

No, all things considered, if this primary must continue on, it’s best it should continue on on the ground.  Likely both candidates are going to get meaner as we go beyond Pennsylvania, and all that televised debates are going to accomplish is broadening the audience for the upcoming nastiness which will only further make things more difficult in the fall.

Besides, if I have to watch one more of these things with the same players, I really might scoop my eyeballs out with one of my daughters’ plastic spoons.



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