That’s Not a Bird

And I thought we were already in the middle of the “silly season” of politics. I guess I was wrong. Apparently, Obama can’t scratch his cheek without people diving off the deep end of the pool of sanity straight down to the bottom of the murky waters of fucktardary.

And then scratch at the bottom to get deeper.

The Swamp not so slyly draws attention to the fact that Obama had to scratch his cheek with… GASP… his middle finger!!!! ZOMG OBAMA FLIPPED OFF SENATOR CLINTON!!!! HOW IMMATURE!

Before I had actually read it, I have watched that clip several times, the first time while reading my colleague Dustin’s post on the speech earlier, and during none of those times watching that debate did I think, ‘Oooh, he’s flipping her the bird.’

You know what I thought? ‘Hmmm… his cheek must itch.’ Actually, I didn’t think that because I don’t go full on red alert empty the missile silos every time someone has to scratch. I don’t know, call me crazy.

Seriously, if you’re one of the bloggers or pundits who really is getting up in a stir over this bit of nonsense, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to walk to your bathroom mirror, look at yourself, and say, “Am I being a reasonable adult right now?” If the answer is no, I would like you to add, “I’m a terrible person.”

Because, ladies and gentleman, that wasn’t a bird, this is a bird:

(h/t Liberal Values)

More from Memeorandum: Redstate (at least suggests it might have been a scratch.), American Street (Looking to be the only voice of sanity so far), The Democratic Daily (Still Frames… Holy crap! they have still frames?!?!?!), Top of the Ticket (*sigh*), NO QUARTER (Through the amazing power of mind control, SusanUnPC is able to tell you what two women sitting in the audience are talking about), The Confluence (My hope in humanity is eroding) and Corrente (and there it goes… all gone)

You know, the blogosphere was at least partly intended to keep the media from being silly. Who will come along to do the same for us?

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11 Responses to “That’s Not a Bird”

  1. ChrisK says:

    And the truth is — he’s scratching his face with two fingers! Here’s the speech filmed from the side angle instead of the front.

    At 20:56 :

  2. Hey, Matt Yglesias says it’s “pretty cool.”

    That makes it intentional to me, and if our “creative class” says something, who am I to argue?

  3. Larry Mac says:

    Will the naive youth of America quit whining like their saviour Senator Obama and realize he is a crude person who could and did flip a bird at Senator Clinton in response to her debate with him the night before. Instead of being fully prepared for a real debate where for the first time the narrators quit treating him with kid gloves, he whines, complains, blames others and performs a juvenile response. That’s called not being experienced enough to be or run for President – and he is not. You should be thankful ABC gave him a warmup session Wednesday night, because the Republicans, unlike Senator Clinton who has been quite nice to him in comparison, will bring up every dirty deed he has ever done, including Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he had adulterous homosexual sex and did hard drugs with Obama as late as 1999. These allegations have already been made on Puerto Rican television where Obama may end up losing almost all the 55 or so delegates there and Larry Sinclair has made a number of radio talk shows in the U.S. When mainstream media quits, like ABC, treating Obama like a baby, they will cover Sinclair and you will finally see if he can respond to pressure, or like flipping a bird to Clinton, cave under pressure. A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain, because according to Joe Scarborough, his talks with Republicans quietly indicate they really hope Obama wins the nomination, because he is easy pickings.

  4. Geek, Esq. says:


    Yglesias is referring to the Jay-Z reference, not the finger.

    Please seek help for your ODS.

  5. Geek, Esq. says:

    Here’s a definitive angle for Taylor Marsh, Lambert, and the rest of the Flying Monkeys:

    Please, you’re embarrassing yourselves. If you’re capable of shame.

  6. Kevin K. says:

    Lambert, he also used the word “the” several times, which I’ve heard in many Geto Boys tracks. I think GG Allin used it as well. Disgusting!

    “You know, the blogosphere was at least partly intended to keep the media from being silly. Who will come along to do the same for us?”

    Kyle, I vote for either TBogg or Roy Edroso to head up a commission.

  7. Kevin Hayden says:

    Thanks, Geek. Saw that photo at Balloon Juice, too.

    This is how a proper flipping off is done.

  8. Kevin Hayden says:

    Hmmm, was my last comment held in moderation?

  9. Craig says:

    You’re right. Sometimes a scratch is just a scratch. But, it’s curious to note that you proudly display BAGnewsnotes in your blog honor roll, when that Blogger practically lives for taking still photos (mainly of conservative targets) and putting a partisan pseudo-psychoanalysis spin onto the dark intentions of the subject.

    I guess it depends on who is doin’ the scratchin’.

  10. Talk about nuts. The commenters over at No Quarter and Taylor Marsh are declaring that this will at last drive him from the race and should cost him his senate seat. There is even analysis of whether the pink finger scratch from earlier in the video means anything. How crazy are these folks? How, well, deranged? Obama Derangement Syndrome must be catching.
    And if he did flip her off, who cares? Grow up and grow a pair. If you get offended by that, what will Clinton supporters do when Republicans flip them the figurative bird in the fall, if she is the nominee?

  11. You know, I’m going to take a whole new approach to this. I’m going to, for the time being, pretend the whole primary is already over because at this point, neither candidate is being well served by this kind of crap. Because Obama is in the lead, and likely to win, I’m just going to take my writing from here on in in a direction that assumes the general election is between him and McCain.


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