That’s Twice!

I no longer think John McCain suffers from delusional conspiracy theories; specifically, the conspiracy theory that al Qaeda was going to try to help Democrats take over the White House.  So, okay, maybe it’s not al Qaeda plotting against McCain, but I’ll forgive him this error given the fact that he seems to know as much about Iraq as I know about lawn care (Seriously, no matter what I try, my lawn ends up looking like it’s being manicured by a one eyed mutant with only an abstract concept of a lawn mower).

About two weeks ago, John McCain got up and delivered an address about how great Iraq was going.  Really, things were awesome in Mesopotamia!  At least, they were until his speech was interrupted by the outbreak of violence in Basra.

That little snit finally died down after about a week when Maliki had to go seeking out Muqtada al Sadr in order to negotiate a peace agreement.

We’ve barely caught our breaths from that when McCain decided to deliver another, “Iraq is a rosy paradise,” speech when he’s interrupted yet again with…  yeah, you guessed it… more violence in Iraq.  This time, the fighting broke out in Baghdad with mortar shells bombarding the green zone.

So either there really is a conspiracy against McCain, he’s just wrong, or I have just come up with a great way to reduce the violence in Iraq.

Now follow me on this one.  McCain opens his mouth about Iraq, fighting breaks out.  He opens it again about Iraq, fighting breaks out again.  Is it me, or does this go a little bit beyond coincidental here?

If we really want peace in Iraq, maybe our best course of action is to prevent, at all cost, McCain from every talking about the country ever again.  It would have the added benefit of not costing us anything, and we could bring the troops home.

I think this is a wonderful idea, and the media should report it.  Or, at the very least, it would be nice for the media to point out that every time McCain talks about Iraq, the country itself has a knack for proving him incredibly wrong.

Yes, that would be very nice indeed.

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