There He Goes Again…

In our ongoing saga of McCain of Iraq, we see the Maverick display, yet again, a profound lack of knowledge and understanding regarding our little country of occupation, and the groups operating there.  What makes this episode so special is that it involves the Right’s very favorite bogeyman; al Qaeda.

Now, given how often Republicans have conflated al Qaeda with just about anything they wanted to accomplish in government, you would expect their nominee for the presidency to have at least a tiny inkling as to what al Qaeda is all about, right?  I mean, it would only make sense.  If you’re going to call something evil, you should know something about it so that A) you can be sure it is in fact evil, and B) you can adequately combat that evil.

But again, both you and I, the reasonably intelligent mammals that we are, would be terribly wrong.

No, not only does McCain seem completely clueless on Iraq in general, he seems to be operating under some faulty assumptions that al Qaeda is Shia.  I say faulty because, well, al Qaeda is Sunni, not Shia; everyone knows that.

Or, at least, they should.  Or, at least, everyone who is trying to build up political credibility based on going after al Qaeda should.  Or, at the very very least, someone who claims to have all this experience and expertise on the region should.

Would it be too much to hope for McCain to maintain this level of ignorance into the General Election? 

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