They Won’t Change

It’s been difficult for me to write lately. There are times when I lose my voice, when I get caught between what I want to write and what I should write, between what tone feels natural, and what tone I deem appropriate. Then something, sometimes the smallest thing, can hit you, and put you right back on track.

When I first started reading this Ben Smith post, my heart sank just a little bit lower; Obama getting sucked into more minutiae, more hate filled politics, more Republican dirty tricks. But reading this paragraph sort of turned a switch in my head:

The spot marks Obama’s rapid ascent in conservative demonology, to a place in an attack ad in a contested race that — until several weeks ago — would have been lent to Teddy Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. A National Republican Congressional Committee spot airing in the same district seeks to link Childers to Obama, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi.

You see, it doesn’t matter. Wright, “bitter”, Ayers; none of it matters one little bit because if it isn’t Obama, it’ll be “baking cookies”, and “Hillarycare”, and Lewinsky, and Foster.

It just doesn’t matter. So it’s time to start worrying if Obama’s race is going to result in a mass racist vote against him, or if Wright’s words are going to cave him in, or if a silly assocation with Bill Ayers is going to kill him because it’s not the candidate; it’s the opposition. It’s the fact that their job is to nuke the living hell out of whomever we put up, and leave nothing but scorched Earth in his or her remains.

I’m disheartened at how the tone of this campaign has shifted, true. I see some of the ugly racist things on Clinton sites and ask myself what the hell is becoming of our party? But while there’s been a lot to depress me lately, it’s good to see that Obama keeps coming back; that he dusts it off his shoulders and moves on.

And despite what all the pundits say, the man’s poll numbers simply keep bouncing back after taking amazingly small hits.

The only way to kill this kind of politics is to hit back and keep fighting. Keep revealing this inanity for what it is. For instance, John McCain “rejects” this ad that Ben Smith puts up. Uh-uh, that’s not going to cut it, not with some of the things you’ve been saying lately. You’re just as dirty, which, considering South Carolina in 2000, shame on you.

Shame on you, you should know better.

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