This Should Be Fun

Okay, so I just didn’t know what to make of the Pope’s visit here. Simply put, I couldn’t care less. I’m a little lost as to why I’m supposed to fawn over the head guy of a religion I don’t subscribe to. But it is what it is I guess.

But at least today should provide an interesting headline or two.

I will give Catholics one thing; they appear to me to be consistent. When they mean pro-life, they mean pro-life, not just pro-embryo life, and all other life should go to hell. No, pro-life for Catholics means no abortion, no death penalty, no war (at least now anyway… coughcrusadescough).

In fact, it’s this last part that has me kinda anxious to read the wires when I get up this afternoon.

Pope Benedict the whatevereth and President Bush are to talk today, likely discussing a range of issues. Among them will be immigration, one of the few issues where Bush isn’t positively on the wrong side of things, and there shouldn’t be much fireworks there. But the fun bit comes when the Pope decides to bring up Iraq.

Dana Perino is already getting the spin machine all warmed up:

“There was a difference of opinion back in 2003, when the war began, and beyond”, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters.

“But I do think that they share an agreement that in order to stabilize the region and promote human rights and justice, having our troops there has been helpful,” she added.

Uh-huh. This is what the Pope had to say last year about Iraq:

In the Middle East, besides some signs of hope in the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinian authority, nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees. In Lebanon the paralysis of the country’s political institutions threatens the role that the country is called to play in the Middle East and puts its future seriously in jeopardy. Finally, I cannot forget the difficulties faced daily by the Christian communities and the exodus of Christians from that blessed land which is the cradle of our faith. I affectionately renew to these populations the expression of my spiritual closeness.

But that was before the surge. Maybe the Pope will have drunk the “Surge is working” kool aid by now? Maybe?

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3 Responses to “This Should Be Fun”

  1. Dynamic says:

    The Church is not strictly pacifistic, but does hold the notion of a “Just War” to a very high standard. Church leaders are very well aware that Bush has not met the standards set forth by Aquinas and others for a truly just war, not by a long shot, and their opposition has been unflagging.

    I definitely hope to see some fireworks out of that clash, although Benedict has proven to be rather less confrontational than John Paul II (who had no problem striding into a country and telling them to get their act together).

  2. Well, as I said, I’m not big on popes, so I wouldn’t know. You got a lot of experience with Catholoicism?

  3. Dynamic says:

    Raised Catholic, flirted with the idea of becoming a priest – since then I’ve soured on most of the aspects that drive religion but remain steadfast on faith, and I think there’s an important distinction to be drawn between the two.

    Still, for many, Catholicism (and the various other churches) remain the best avenues of expressing their faith, and I think that insofar as that is the case, they are worthy of respect. Christianity in particular has gotten a bad rap because of a handful of very vocal idiots (to avoid using more accurate but less considerate words) and so we tend to focus on the negatives, but much good has also come from the Church. Sick but no insurance? There’s a Catholic hospital near you that will treat you and work out a deal to let you pay what you can. Need help? The priests you’ll find in a church will take your confession and respect your privacy, no matter how heinous the crime. And many of the saints have earned it (many have also not, of course).


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