Truth on Iraq Under Attack

If you want to keep up with all the real happenings in Iraq, you cannot count on the coverage of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox or any mainstream media outlet.

Instead, hands-down, the best site for information on Iraq is the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count.  The information thereon goes beyond just the sad and depressing statistics regarding coalition troop deaths and wounded.  The site had expanded to include information on Iraqi civilian deaths and, most importantly, acts as a daily aggregator of stories from a broad swath of media presenting both failures and successes.

Unfortunately, the site suffered a malicious attack about a week ago and lost a lot of data.  The proprietor of the site has it back up in a more stripped down mode.  At present, the contributions link is still gone, but I I would urge everybody who has used this great site in the past to consider throwing a buck or two that way.

The continued contributions of this site are too valuable to lose.

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