What WOULDN’T Be An Argument To Go To War With Iran For These People?

Per Think Progress, Billy Kristol, Bill Bennett, and (of course) Joe Lieberman have digested the Crocker and Petraeus testimony, and have come to a conclusion.  We must war with Iran.

Come on.  Look at these guys, though.  EVERYTHING is an argument to go to war with Iran.  A shoe coming untied is reason to go to war with Iran.  Their underarm deoderant breaking down with thirty minutes still left in the work day is reason to go to war with Iran for these people.

These guys have been hungering for a whole new war for some time now.  In fact, if you’ll recall, it was General Petraeus who had to crush Lieberman’s hopes for this new pony back in September.  It’s been seven months to the day, and good ol’ Turncoat Joe hasn’t changed a single note in his little song and dance.

Are these people mad?  Are they serious?

It’s like they never graduated from the third grade, and I’m getting real tired of this, “Ooh, we might look weak,” crap.  Seriously, you know who looks weak?  The guy who has to pick every fight he possibly can to try and prove that he isn’t.

This is ridiculous, I’m just hoping that come November the neocons will have been mandated by the American electorate to keep their crazy little warmongering ideas to themselves.

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3 Responses to “What WOULDN’T Be An Argument To Go To War With Iran For These People?”

  1. Dynamic says:

    You know, for all the saber-rattling coming out of the neocon camp about how we “must” invade Iran, I haven’t heard a single viable plan – hell, ANY kind of plan for that matter – for actually doing it.

    Now, we invaded Iraq without a plan, and we all know how that movie ended. I’m optimistic enough to believe the American public won’t buy a ticket for the sequel without a damn good trailer and a full copy of the script, and I just haven’t seen it.

    Given the facts in-theatre, I can’t imagine there is much of a viable plan they could construct – our forces are too strung out from Iraq, Afghanistan and our remaining commitments. I can’t come up with anything that would work except just starting the damn war and forcing the country to finish it.

    Maybe this would be a good “what do you think?” for the week; how likely does everyone think war with Iran actually is, and why? What process exists for getting us involved despite overwhelming resistance?

  2. Dynamic says:

    And not to be overlooked – is there any way the international community would let this one slide, after the fiasco that Iraq has been?

    With “pre-emptive defensive invasion” discredited, the old “they attacked us first and now we must invade to defend ourselves” story (which even the Nazis tried when they invaded Poland) is the only real story left that might work, although honestly people are so cynical about this administration that I doubt that would fly even if Iran genuinely did attack us first.

    In fact, that’s a point worth bringing up sometime. We are now much less safe, because if some country attacks us, we can’t attack back without half the planet believing we’re just telling lies and expanding our empire.

  3. Ricardo Martinez says:

    What really makes me shake my head in disbelief is when those morons continue to perpetuate the al-Qaeda and Iran are synonymous lie. Al-Qaeda which is a Sunni-Wahhabist creation and Iran which is a largely Shia country, aren’t allies in the slightest. I mean, isn’t the whole reason our Empire building isn’t going according to plan is because the Sunni minority isn’t exactly happy about losing power to the Shia majority? Stuck in the middle of a religious/civil war with our military stretched thin, and they still want to go to war with Iran?! insanity.

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