While Our Debates Are Getting Sabotaged…

So, while Charlie Gibson and George Stephanop… screw it, when he becomes a real journalist, I’ll take the time to write his name properly.  While Charlie Gibson and Stephie were off doing their best Faux News impersonation, John McCain… yeah, he still gets a free pass from the media.

Last night, both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama pledged to cut taxes on the lower and middle classes.  In fact, that has been in keeping with how they have campaigned thus far.  They’ve both always been easing the tax burden on those denizens of the lower brackets while using various means to increase revenue elsewhere.

But McCain has gone on the stump doing what it is that Republicans do best; promising that the mean and nasty Democrats are going to raise your taxes.  If Elite McCain was talking to the top six percent in this country, he may have a point, otherwise, it’s an outright lie.

Who will challenge him on this?  Well, don’t count on NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, she’s a good little member of the MSM who would never ever ever suggest that McCain might be wrong or, shudder gasp, lying for political gain.  No, we must not speak of this, my virgin ears can’t handle it.

Get it through your heads now, folks, if it ain’t in there already.  We’re going to have to do this on our own, the media, it’s going to try and piss on whichever candidate we throw up there, and the only way to prevent the media from installing Bush, excuse me, McCain as our next president is to fight back.

5 Responses to “While Our Debates Are Getting Sabotaged…”

  1. Angellight says:

    Outraged over abc “news” Stephanopoulos and Gibson’s pitiful performance last night?

    Call, write, email and FAX them:

    Call the Switch Board: 212-456-7777 and Ask for the Voicemail of George Stephanopoulos Directly.

    Also: dial 818-460-7477 press 2 then 6 then 639

    (212) 456-5100 newsradio@abc.com Newsroom Fax Machine 212.456.5150

    Peter Salinger: (THE MAN IN CHARGE OF ELECTION COVERAGE) Director, Special Events & Sports:
    212.456.5105 peter.salinger@abc.com

    Cristi Landes: Manager, Programming
    212.456.5107 cristi.d.landes@abc.com

    Wayne Fisk Director, Programming
    212.456.5327 wayne.fisk@abc.com

    Jeff Fitzgerald Executive Director, Operations
    212.456.5554 jeffrey.t.fitzgerald@abc.com

    Heidi Oringer Executive Director, Entertainment
    212.456.5541 heidi.b.oringer@abc.com

    Jon Newman News Coverage
    212.456.5100 jonathan.m.newman@abc.com

    Joyce Alcantara Assignment Manager
    212.456.5106 joyce.a.alcantara@abc.com

    Jim Kane Deputy D.C. Bureau Chief
    212.222. 6604 james.f.kane@abc.com

    Andrew Kalb Executive Director, Programming
    05.567.2269 andrew.l.kalb@abc.com

    Robert Garcia Executive Director, News & Sports
    212.456.5103 robert.garcia@abc.com

    And BTW – DNFTT

  2. Do not feed the trolls…LOL

  3. DM Metzger says:

    YOu know, I hate fly-by spammers. Their heart’s uually in the right place but they’re very annoying. If this comment didn’t havesome useful info in it I’d just as soon delete it but…. well, we might find a use for it 😉

  4. Actually, Dustin, you don’t know this because you’re still kinda new, but Angel here’s a pretty regular reader. Very ardent supporter of Obama, and prone to some long comments, but I wouldn’t qualify as spam. Actually, that’s a pretty good email list if someone were looking to email bomb ABC.

  5. jlo says:

    Obama promised not to raise taxes on Families making less than 200K in one breath and in the next he said he would raise the capital gains tax and raise the Social Security taxes on those families making over 90K….

    Let’s not forget he will have to find a way to pay for his healthcare plan as well…taxes taxes taxes

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