51 Dead American Soldiers

Remember a time when we all – the right and media included – thought the deaths of 18 American soldiers mattered. Well, last month alone, 51 more American troops died in Iraq.

Yet, the average American would be forgiven if the they thought the number 51 was a reference to the number of days the media has continuously run stories on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The media has portrayed the Surge as a success while, in reality, it has simply established a new equilibrium that still retains a high level of extra-judicial death and violence. The new equilibrium is entirely dependent on numerous sectarian Saddams remaining focused on consolidating iron-hand rule over their various fiefdoms and not seeking to broaden their spheres of influence. Worse, the whole plan relies on our acquiescence to the rule of this new group of Saddams.

The American media, so quick to push stories that the war was a success for women in the early days of the war, has now fallen largely silent when the reality is that Iraq has become a hellhole for women under the the Iraqi government we sponsor.

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2 Responses to “51 Dead American Soldiers”

  1. donald p laface says:

    Maybe one of these days Bush will realize you can’force Democracy down ones throat.! Those people have a history that goes back past Babylon,and whether its their religion or whatever when they want change they’ll do it on their own,.We need to get everything of ours the hell out of that region then we can set up a legitimate business deal of buying oil so they can rebuild their freaking country……this is fucking nuts,we’ve our own problems bigtime right here! gotta stop giving foreign aid to Saudi Arabia,Israill and all the rest too, If Darfor or Africa in General need help give w/no strings attached like Schrub does!! Its nuts,I say we put our own country back in order! then maybe we can help others!…..its all changing around us and we better get w/it!

  2. donald p laface says:

    The American media is roughly equivelent to what you find on the racks at your local supermarket checkout lines ,minus the true stories of ”batboy” you want news?Raw Story is but one,I’m an athiest and read Christian Science Journel,Alternet,so many others giving a broader more real perspective,even your local news is better,stay away from cable network news,…used to like Kieth Obermann, but even he’s becomming the same they have to they answer to higher powers big money Gov.connected cronies and do you believe your Gov.???they do so more in Europe than in this police state of ours!!WAKE THe FUCK UP PEOPLE!! maybe I should get back into writing articles like I did years ago!!

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