A Hint At What’s To Come

While I wait to see if there are any late breaking developments, I’m running all over the seven internets looking for tidbits of information, and one just totally gave me whiplash.

It started off with this hysterical blast over at the Moderate Voice (Um… Joe… Really?  I know you guys have differing opinions over there, but something this… extreme… seems to not fit so well over there) by sufferer of ODS, Holly in Cincinnatti.  But the sputum there is not the point.

What is the point is a link provided by one of the commentors to a quick piece by Ben Smith today.  What is Obama doing when he’s not busy trying to win the Democratic party’s nomination?

Answer: Bringing peace to Niger.

Not kidding.

How’s that for a hint to what an Obama administration’s foreign policy might look like?

2 Responses to “A Hint At What’s To Come”

  1. CeeHussein says:

    Annie Oakley the Obliterator should take a lesson from President Obama.

  2. Michelle says:


    I had only ever hoped. Thank you for posting this.

    Finally, I hope, Africa is with us, and will be strong. It’s always been my hope, my dream. If it can come about in my lifetime. OMG. Thank you.

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