A Writing Contest to Unite the Left

In this time of turmoil within the left pitting brother against brother in what seems like a battle to the death for soul of the Democratic party, along comes a writing contest that can make us all feel better.

The contest is called Six Words for Bush and its muse is described as such…

A craze has been born, thanks to the book, “Not Quite What I was Planning,” a collection from writers both famous and unknown who have summed up their lives in six words. This book was the subject of a New Yorker Magazine article which was quite clever. Now you can do the same, only you’re summing up the presidential life of George W. Bush.

This six-word contest runs from now until Election Day. Only two rules: 1) 6 words 2) no profanities or swearing (much as we’d like to).

Once we have received a number of entries, we’ll be posting them in a format where you can vote for your favorites. In the mean time, feel free to use the comment feature on an individual entry, if you like. Use the “Archives” feature at the right to see the older entries.

In the end, the Grand Prize Winner, to be announced on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 (oh, the singing, the dancing in the streets!) will win…drum roll..

A one-of-a-kind book collecting all of our entries in one place, plus fame and glory.


My entry, submitted moments ago is:

It’s Hard Work, to Not Torture

Head over to Six Words for Bush and submit your own entry.

UPDATE: I think Kyle has an entry on the site as well. Does this one belong to you Kyle?

4 Responses to “A Writing Contest to Unite the Left”

  1. tas says:

    No profanities? So “Fucking fuck fuck fuckity goddman fucker” is out?

  2. Haha, apparently so. 😉

  3. terry says:

    Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see what 6 words Bush would choose himself??

  4. Yup, that was me, and I think mine’s the best. Some people went all haiku with that crap. Mine, simple, succinct, and powerful.

    I’m a total shoo in.

    Actually, yeah, I’ve been in email contact with the author of the site, and on our next Blogroll Roll Call, we’re going to add them to our roll and feature them.

    But yeah., I want my eight years back. Perfect.

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