Blue Collar Hillary

My astonishment does not register from me not buying it, but from the fact that other people are.

That of course, being that Hillary Clinton is actually succeeding in selling herself as this blue collar hero, as opposed to the blue collar demagogue she has actually become. Not that this isn’t expected; for some reason every four years we all seem to forget that people grow up differently than we do, and expect that these people who run for President can bowl like we bowl, drink the same beer we drink, eat the same crappy food that we eat, like the same music, etc.

But it just boggles the mind; Hillary? Working class hero? Really?

And again, that’s part of the game, a part of the game that wouldn’t bother me, but for two problems, both having to do with how she’s doing it. The first is her demagoguery; it sounds great because who doesn’t want to pay a little less at the pump, but it’s just bad policy, as I’ve recounted several times already. In a way it was just like George Bush’s move to ban gay marriage.

That was some demagoguery for ya. Here it is, you instantly endear yourself to every homophobic socially conservative voter across the land, and all you have to do is promise to do something that is virtually impossible. No way was gay marriage going to be banned on a constitutional level, but he pushed for it anyway, thus winning himself the loyalty of a broad coalition without having to suffer the consequences of his own promise.


Which goes the same for the gas tax holiday. We’ve covered the fact that it won’t actually help anything, and likely result in a loss of revenue while reducing the incentive to innovate energy solutions, but the best part about this is that Hillary never has to worry about suffering through having her plan go through… because it never will. She’s not the president, so that’s out, and I’ve heard she’s going to try and push this idea through congress, and I’m thinking her own party’s going to shut it down… because it’s stupid.

Now, I said two things bothered me, and the other is that she’s doing it on Obama’s back. She’s portraying herself as the in touch blue collar hero on the back of Barack Obama. Now, not to get really into biographies here, but let’s not forget who grew up privileged (Hillary had to work in college… because her parents cut her off at tuition room and board) and raked in over a hundred million dollars over the course of the last eight years, and who grew up with a single mom and wasn’t even a millionaire until he found success with the publishing of his book.

Not to say that Obama’s a working class guy either. They neither of them are, nor is John McCain.

Now, I would go on and on about this, but for a much better rant on this, I suggest you check out Kevin Hayden who, given what I’ve read from him as time has gone by, has a pretty solid background on sniffing out the bullshitters on this one.

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