Breaking: John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama

ABC News:

Former Sen. John Edwards is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy Wednesday evening, in a dramatic attempt by the Obama campaign to answer concerns regarding Obama’s appeal to working-class voters, several senior Democratic sources tell ABC News.

The Obama campaign confirms Edwards will endorse Obama at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan Wednesday. The event was originally scheduled to start at 7pmET, but was moved up to 6:20pmET, presumably to have the announcement make the evening news.


A source close to the Clinton campaign said the Edwards camp gave the Clinton folks a heads up.

“Clearly it’s upsetting” the source tells ABC. “He brings the workers” to Obama.

Another senior Clinton advisor said “it’s not great news.”

“Well I don’t think it’s good news, but there’s a lot of news in this business and we move forward and move past it,” he said.

Asked what effect the Edwards endorsement might have, he said: “We don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see how much of it is transferable,” referring to Edwards’ popularity with white working class voters.

“We would’ve preferred it,” to be our endorsement the advisor said. That’s not a secret.

Update: video of the endorsement below the fold

2 Responses to “Breaking: John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama”

  1. sowhat says:

    John Edwards endorsing Obama is practically acknowledging that he was ineffective in the senate; he joins Richardson, McGovern, Dodd with this acknowledgment. I’m glad Biden is not joining them. Obama is running on the platform that he will change Washington. John Edwards is a part of that establishment. Even I believe that there’s a lot of legislators and officials in our government that have been doing the best they can. Obama talks like he is the superman and would make our government perfect. Of all the presidential candidates this year, he is the least qualified. And he seems to be winning because the young voters (not the highly educated ones with graduate degrees) think they are voting for the next American Idol. Too bad, the Democrats seem to want just to put a candidate to win and not to put the best qualified one. What a waste of good and dedicated people! I will not be surprised anymore if Hollywood and Motown will run our government someday. To think that Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Adlai Stevenson did not even have a chance. Someone told me that he fears that US, like any previous great powers, is soon to join those former great powers. Maybe we have to be taught a lesson.

  2. Lee says:

    Edwards has always been disengenuous and weak …
    What a hypocrite … does he actually expect us to believe his commitment to poverty, when in reality he flaunts his huge multi-kazillion dollar compound
    (house) directly across the street from poor people … not to mention his $400 hair cuts, which could feed a family of four for four weeks! Then he waits till Obama is way in the lead, before endorsing him. What weak character … or, rather lack of character. I doubt his endorsement has any value … and, anybody who values his endorsement, doesn’t have any values.


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