But Will They Wait?

Well, and I was ready for this, but it would appear that some of us might have been a little premature in predicting the end of the Democratic primary. On the upside, a campaign staffer grudgingly admitted that the Clinton campaign is not taking things down to the wire anymore.

When pressed on the issue, a Clinton staffer conceded that the Democratic party will have a nominee by June 15th. But the interesting question becomes: Will the party give her until then?

As George Stephanopoulos predicted, it seems the March of the Super Delegates has begun, a report off the AP wire announcing that while Hillary Clinton is picking up the support of one North Carolinian Super Delegate who planned to back the winner of his district, Obama is picking up four Super Delegates, one of whom is another defector from the Clinton camp.

Interestingly, and this is going to be difficult because I’m not sure how fast the delegate counters are getting updated at this point, but if CNN’s count is accurate but not inclusive of these pickups, this would mean that Obama has pared Clinton’s Super Delegate lead down to single digits, this being the only metric in which Clinton has led Obama in the Democratic primary race.

Two more days like this, and Clinton won’t even have a Super Delegate lead to hold onto.

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2 Responses to “But Will They Wait?”

  1. My friend, she is not going to concede. She knows she has a bunch of, um, ‘deadenders’ who will fight on as long as she does not concede, and I believe that she expects to take the nomination by hook or by, um, crook. The MI/FL thing (and as a Floridian, big whoop. If the state party was not so pathetic, it wouldn’t have been an issue) is their rallying cry, and folks like the geniuses over at No Quarter (my god, have you read them lately? Now they are comparing Axelrod to Hitler. Seriously) will never give in even then.
    Taylor Marsh has actually started making noises about redirecting her efforts to take out John McCain, though not necessarily openly advocate for Obama. Her commenters are upset at that, and are in a tizzy. It’s a fun watch.

  2. Yeah, I saw some of the backlash at TM. What are you going to do when her supporters cease to be a source of entertainment? Man, you’re going to have to retool your whole operation. Talk to me when that happens, I happen to know the guy who runs this place.

    Anywho, yeah, I also have popped by LJ’s digs as of late, and they just keep getting nuttier and nuttier. Armando and Jeralyn haven’t improved much either. But you were right, she did not bow out, and I think she has a very rough day ahead of her considering her recent USAT interview.

    As for Fl and Mi, I think what’s going to happen there is that it will get settled after they won’t make much of a difference. According to some calculations, they don’t matter now, but wait until they really are worthless, than we’ll make sure their voices are heard.

    Snarkiness asid, I’m still of the opinion that they get shut down and stay shut down. They brok the rules, all candidates agreed, that’s how it’s supposed to be played. This is like telling a child “NO DON”T DO THAT!” and then give them a birthday cake for doing it.


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