Deep in the Heart of Republican Territory

For all intents and purposes, the Democratic primary in West Virginia today was an academic event at best. Much to my pleasant surprise the media hasn’t decided to revert fully back to its old hysterical form and the math moved in Clinton’s decision by a grand total of about nine or ten delegates (which is completely mitigated by the number of Super Delegates that Obama has picked up since the last primary). So, West Virginia is there for you to study, but its relevance as far as who the Democratic nominee will be is nil.

There was, however, a far more important election today, behind enemy lines, and deep in the heart of Republican Territory.

For a GOP that is so shaken up that its members have been told that they were on their own in defending their seats this year, Mississippi’s 1st district was a must hold. With two other special elections allowing Democrats to push Republicans out of their position, it was essential Republicans to hold onto one of the most conservative districts in the land, one that voted for Bush at 62% in 2004.

And they lost. Travis Childers is now Congressman Childers.

This holds nasty portents for the Republican party this fall considering that they have lost the ability to defend their most stalwart strongholds. What’s going to happen to Republicans in more moderate districts? Indeed, I just saw some numbers for my own Republican Congresswoman, and things don’t look very good her either.

For Childers, he persisted through a bruising special election campaign, including suffering from some pretty racially charged ads that tied him to Barack Obama. That these ads failed to put Childers away should give some cause to hope that Obama himself will continue to withstand the ugliest of attacks that will be tossed his direction, but I think Marc Ambinder’s also right in asserting that we shouldn’t take this race and let it transfer too much on the state of the national race.

Also, we shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking that Childers is a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. As he described himself, he’s pro life and pro gun (which translates into, Liberals believe in killing babies and taking all of our guns away, and I’m not one of them), but it will be nice to have another ally in congress when it comes to the War in Iraq, as well as on economic issues. It’s also nice to know that the GOP truly is on the verge of getting abolutely stomped on this fall.

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  1. DrGail says:

    It also means that they’ll finish out the 110th Congress with fewer than 200 members in the House of Representatives, which has its very own delicious flavor.


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