Don’t Do It, Cindy!

All those vicious, cannabilistic, political journalists, and mean, dirty Democrats want Cindy McCain to make public her tax filings, but she doesn’t want to.

Me?  I say hold on Cindy!  Don’t do it!  Don’t let them bully you around!

I’m being dead serious here.  I hope to hell she doesn’t make public those tax returns.  Are you kidding me?  The human imagination can come up with things ten times worse than reality on a bad day with a hangover.  Don’t release the tax returns and deprive us of already knowing how filthy rich you are, or about the eight houses, and all that jazz.

McCain should know, as should every 527 that plans on cutting an ad on his behalf, every call of elitism, every accusation of being “out of touch,”  every time he tries to say that Senator Obama is not being upfront with the American people…

How much does your wife make?

How many houses do you own?

Whose jet are you galavanting about on in your candidatorial travels?


I’m just saying.

More at MemeorandumNitpicker (When it was Teresa Heinz Kerry, no issues.  Now that it’s Cindy McCain, the RNC are all up in arms.  Oh I think this General Election shall have me positively drunk with Schadenfreude), (Also points out that McCain’s medical records haven’t been released since 2000.  Jebus!  He’s 72!  I’m not voting for a guy who’s gonna have a grabber the day after he’s inaugurated.  Release now, or get ready for six long months of people calling for your medical condition to be made public), MyDD, The Swamp, PERRspectives Blog, DownWithTyranny!, Donklephant, Firedoglake, Daily Kos, Jonathan Martin’s Blogs, MSNBC and Digg

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