Down In Flames

Many children share the dream of growing up one day to be the President of the United States of America.  I doubt many of them aspire to be the most hated president in American history.

Well, whether Bush wanted that extra little modifier or not, he has it; at 71% disapproval, George W. Bush has now won the title of “Most Hated President” in modern history in two polls now.  This data coming from a CNN/ORC poll.

Previously, Bush already won such an auspicious title in a USA Today/Gallup poll that put him at 69% disapproval.

What does this mean?  Well, nothing for the Bush administration which is going to do whatever the hell it wants to do right up until he gets the big boot on January 20th.  But for his preferred replacement, John McCain, this is going to hurt.

As I covered yesterday, Bush is already the biggest liability that any of the candidates face in this upcoming election with 47% of registered voters voicing their concern over McCain’s similarities to the current president.

But I also happen to think that those numbers are soft.  Again, remember, the dynamics of the current race are going to hide a lot.  For instance, while Hillary still remains in this race, there are going to be some who are more concerned about her dishonesty than they are with McCain’s ties to Bush.  Also, that poll was taken after a week where Jeremiah Wright was pumped through all of the news organizations at an incredible clip.

So the concerns of one candidate who won’t be in the race much longer, and another candidate who had the spotlight on him for a week, are naturally going to depress the public’s general mood on McCain/Bush.  Once the race is allowed to stabilize out a bit, I would expect to see those numbers on McCain’s ties to Bush rise even higher.

The other interesting thing about this poll is that public disapproval of the Iraq War is at an all time high, which bodes even worse news for McCain who’s actively running on the War.

The short of it, kids, is that we can sit around and spin and talk about which bit of political nonsense is going to be a big deal in the fall, but when it comes right down to it, for once, maybe just this once, Americans will actually be looking at the bigger picture and realize that the current president messed things up, and the last thing we need is to elect someone just like him.

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