Enough Already!

All content below the fold due to harsh language.

If you read Talk Left regularly, you will come away knowing exactly two things; Jeralyn has gone batshit insane, and Armando is a fucking repetitive moron. Oh, and you will know that Obama has a problem with white voters.

I’ve seriously just about had it with this dipshit. Seriously. I mean, okay, I know, I try to take the high road more often than not, and that part of me keeps screaming “STAY AWAY FROM THAT FUCKING PLACE! THERE LIES MADNESS AND MORONS!”

But I can’t help myself, it’s like watching a car wreck get mauled by a train wreck and then having a passenger jet crash land on the whole mangled heap of twisted metal. You CAN’T look away.

And in not being able to look away, I can feel the IQ points getting sucked straight through my forehead, along with my sense of decency.

My grievance for now is that Armando has himself a big old hard on for pointing out that Obama has a problem with white voters. As I mentioned (much more calmly, might I add) in this post, I don’t have a problem with addressing Obama’s problem with white voters, as long as you want to start talking solutions.

Which was what got me on this kick in the first place. Captain I-SHIT-MYSELF-REGULARLY in THAT post back then said much the same thing; we need to address Obama’s white problem and then come up with solutions, and then completely failed to come up with anything approaching a solution.

Days later, I go back, and yup, sure as shit, he’s still addressing it:

West Virginia is not an anomaly. Obama’s white working class problem is EAST of the Mississippi. It is not just Appalachia. It MUST be addressed. Calling West Virginia names is not going to solve the problem.[More…]

BTW, Wolfson is doing a great job on CNN. All Florida and Michigan. Kudos to Howard Wolfson doing a great job for his candidate Hillary Clinton. and Donna Brazile on the spot – and sez – “we have not made a decision.”

Catch the little bait and switch there? You THINK that once you click below the fold to find out what’s [more…], you’re going to actually get some solutions, but instead Armando chooses to provide Howard Wolfson with a little literary fellatio.


Yes. Armando. It’s been addressed. We all know that Obama has a problem with some white voters. We FUCKING GET IT! There’s no need to bring it up every single time someone shits a poll in the field pointing it out.

So how about it. I went through, I discussed some solutions and some counter measures (linked above), where’s yours? You just going to continue to flog the same point over and over again, or are you going to do something about it?

Fucking a, no wonder everyone thinks this guy’s such a useless fucking moron.

At least with Jeralyn, there’s an excuse; she’s a Hillary supporter, and I grudgingly respect that (that’s to say, I don’t not respect her as much as Armando here). This guy–>tool.

8 Responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. From what I have read, Obama actually polls better than Kerry or Gore among white voters. He does not have a ‘white voter’ problem; he has a ‘perception’ of a white voter problem, because of idiots like Armando.

  2. Which was sort of the point I was trying to make.

  3. bostondreams says:

    But *I* did it without the cursing. 😉

  4. Steve: Point well taken… again. I mean you’re right,and in fact that was sort of the point to the post I linked to–if you can’t get votes one place, get them somewhere else. If east of the mississippi, except of course Virginia, Wisconsin, also probably New York, and New Jersey because, realistically, do we think McCain’s going to win those? And probably a couple of the New England states, and maybe Maryland (ahem), aside from those states east of the Mississippi, Obama has shown to have a problem getting working class white voters… soooooo… get voters from somewhere else, while at the same time softening the blow as much as possible with that hurting demographic. Waht really has me railing for the fences is that Armando doesn’t get beyond, “Obama has a problem,” and he supposedly is an Obama backer, and is supposedly a progressive.

    What the fuck is the point if you’re not helping?

    You know?

    BD: good for you… you… you… goodie two shoes!

  5. Pug says:

    The Clinton argument at this point can be reducecd to this: The Black Guy can’t win.

    It’s a despicable claim, especially when it is made against the candidate who is going to be the Democratic nominee. It’s Pat Buchanan territory and the Clintons are welcome to it.

    According to people like Pup Tent Democrat, the party should chase after the Holy Grail of “white working class voters”, better known as Reagan Democrats. These people are known as Reagan Democrats for a reason. The reason? They vote Republican. Pretty simple.

    Bill Clinton lost white voters. Al Gore lost white voters. John Kerry lost white voters. But, magically, Hillary will sweep the white working class voter in tthe general election, something her husband and no other Democrat has been able to do, and the votes of independents and African Americans she can just take for granted. Have they given any consideration to the reaction of black voters to their spin that Hillary is stronger because she wins white votes? She’s won fewer votes but they are better votes because they’re white votes.

    Democrats should fight as hard as they can for the votes of blue collar whites, but an election strategy based on winning their votes is doomed. And I’m getting tired of the premise pushed by Hillary’s supporters, and Hillary herself. The Black Guy can’t win is bullshit. Personally, I have a higher opinion of America than that.

  6. tas says:

    If Perot didn’t run in 1992, we might still be talking about Bill Clinton’s problem with white voters and how it costed him the election. Wait a second, no we wouldn’t — even if it’s true, Bill Clinton’s white and as we all know, white people don’t have a problem with each other. Therefore he wouldn’t have a problem with “white voters,” he would have a problem with “working class” voters or whatever. But Obama has a problem with “white” voters…

  7. tas says:

    Oh, and if you’re trying not to go insane, avoid No Quarter at all costs. I was just on there for five minutes and, well.. I’ll got finals I desperately need to study for so I’ll be finding a spot in the library that does not give me wifi access, and I’ll see you all on friday.

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