Following the Leaders

Even now, only one thing is clear in regards to the Democratic primary race; that of the field of eight Democratic candidates that initially began this race, there arose two great leaders.

Say what you will about either candidate, this is the only explanation one can have when you think that both candidates have maintained such huge coalitions of support for so long in a race where there was no shortage of pressure to coalesce around a single candidate.

That Obama was able to maintain his support even through weeks of being buffeted about by negative news stories and withering attacks from his political opponents speaks to his leadership and ability to inspire.  Likewise, the loyalty that Clinton has been able to encourage among her supporters despite a constantly dwindling likelihood that she would actually be the nominee speaks to her prowess as a candidate and a leader.

And now both candidates are leading the way in such a manner that supporters of both of them will follow.

As William Bradley reports, the Californian convention was definitely ripe for animosity between the two camps, and while there were the odd supporters here and there that wanted nothing to do with olive branches, or the other side for that matter, from the top down the message was simple; it’s time to come together.

This is how you’re supposed to lead.  Bitterness on both sides will likely make it rough going at first, but when you stop to think about how many supporters both of these candidates were able to draw to their campaigns, and you see that now, even after such a contentious campaign, they are able to easily start working together, it does give you hope that we will eventually work through our intra-party grievances, and get this thing done.


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