Friday Blogroll Roll Call: Risky Propositions

Heyo. Well, I’m falling asleep at my laptop, and it’s Friday morning which means I can probably knock off early today, and catch you all on Monday. But first, of course, there must be the Friday Blogroll Roll Call!

Having the open blogrolling policy that we do can be a risky proposition; it means not always agreeing with the people you have on your blogroll, and could lead to embarrassment or tears in the end. But, I’ll give most people a chance, even if I disagree with them.

So here’s how it goes, if you want to be a part of our blogroll, you have only two things you have to do; add us to your blogroll, and drop a comment in the comments section below to let us know.

Today we’ve added two blogs to our roll, both of whom rogered up last week during the rollcall.

The first, Robert Emmet, strikes me as risky since as I read through it, I find myself in disagreement with some of the stuff over there, but I agree with others, and in my perusal of the blog, it’s totally respectful, and that’s a big bonus. So RE is definitely on the roll, and Robert Schlesinger has an awesome post for me to highlight that goes to the heart of one of the topics I just didn’t manage to get around to in the past day since it’s sprouted up. John McCain has begun to say that there might be a withdrawl by 2013, of course, Rob asks the question that MUST be asked and answered before McCain starts throwing ponies around like this.


The next blog that gets added to our roll comes in the form of Random Thoughts, which, as the title might suggest, covers random thoughts. Actually, there’s more of a left leaning political focus that would kind of deny true randomness, but anyone who goes into a lengthy lead in regarding Foreman, Frasier, and Ali to describe a political campaign gets my enthusiastic thumbs up. Actually, what I really wanted to highlight from this blog was a post that really kind of hits towards a theme I am trying to flesh out here as we try to¬† unify our party to take on John McCain. Go read Tunnel Vision.

The final addition to the roll is yet another embarrassment for me; another blog who had us rolled and I was dismayed to learn that we never got around to returning the favor. It’s even worse given that it was an act of graciousness that had me popping over to this blogger to discover this fact. *sigh* Oh well, that’s why I do this. It’s my Blog Amnesty Day pennance for being a bad blogroller, and so we can either wallow in our imperfections, or we can push to improve them.

How Elle, PHD, managed to not be on our roll as of yet, I don’t know. I could have sworn I hooked her up months ago, but I suppose I was wrong. In any case, I was made aware of this terrible error because the good Doctor came over and offered some nice praise for my piece on trying to forge reconciliation when the Democratic party is so divided. She herself has a piece with a similar heart to it, and given that she worked so long on it, I think she deserves some recognition. I’m sorry for taking so long to get you on the roll Elle!

And as I said, the last two posts you’ll notice definitely have a unifying theme which I think will in many ways mirror my own shifting of tone in the weeks to come. This election is incredibly important, and we need to be unified going into it. The Republicans are reeling, and we can’t afford to let this intra-party squabbling give them an opening they don’t deserve.

We in the blogosphere need to take charge on this and take the initiative. We need to start offering olive branches now, and we need to start talking some of our more heated readers down and away from the brink. And if we absolutely MUST have our family spat and sibling rivalry, than let’s at least pencil it in AFTER we’ve taken back the White House, okay?

That’s the next mission. Bring the party back together. Let’s go to work.

3 Responses to “Friday Blogroll Roll Call: Risky Propositions”

  1. braincells never sleep u slipping folk LOL


    I always take fridays and the weekends off. Hey man, Sunday night through Friday morning, I put ten to twelve hours a day into this place, I think a three day weekend is warranted.

  3. Mycue says:

    Thanks for the addition and keep fighting the good fight.

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