Friday Blogroll Roll Call: Something New

It’s Friday, and about that time for me to pack it in for the weekend and leave you in the very capable hands of my colleagues.  But first, as is the case every Friday, it’s time to spread a little blog love around.

You know how the Friday Blogroll Roll Call works, you want to be on our blogroll, you’ve got only two things you have to do; put us on your blogroll, and leave us a comment in the comments section of this post.

I’m going to try a little something new in today’s Roll Call.  I’m going to actively hunt for link exchanges that we don’t already have.  You see, normally we only feature bloggers that are already on our blogroll.  Usually, I like to feature bloggers that we have just recently added onto our blogroll.

But today I’m going to mix it up.  We’ve been getting some good link ins from blogs that are not on our blogroll.  So I’m going to return the favor and add a little something to sweeten the pot.  For the next three bloggers, they have been kind enough to either visit here and join us in conversation, or at least link in.  Since we’re close already, I’m saying, publically, right now, why don’t we just seal the deal and do the blogroll change up, right?

I mean, it just seems like the obvious next step.

So for the next three bloggers, we’re already close, let’s do this.  Throw us on your roll, we’ll put you on ours.


First up comes Alas, A Blog.  Love the title, love the weird looking people drawn all over it.  What I really love is the Racism Bingo Card.  No kidding, where I live, you could probably get that thing filled out in a day.

Next up is Steve J. from Radamisto.  Now, I’m fairly certain Steve’s linked here in the near past, but I’m hooking him up because of a comment he dropped here, which gives me a natural post to promote.  Last night I looked at a Think Progress story that caught Rummy trying to pass the buck to the generals that were only following his orders.  Steve points out that things were even worse than that.

And then comes the Mahablog.  I’ve popped by there now and then for a long time, so it’s really kind of exciting to get a link in from over there.  So it may seem a little self serving, but I’m going to go ahead and link to the post that linked in, partly because I LOVE seeing my name up in lights, but also because it’s a good post where Maha mixes it up with Armando, and who doesn’t love it when someone mixes it up with one of the folks from Talk Left?

And now for a couple of old friends of CFLF that I don’t think we’ve hooked up in a while.

For one, there’s the GTL, always a great blog, and very generous with the linkage.  I’m choosing this post about McCain’s spiritual advisors because I’m very much with Rachel Maddow on this (yes, I know, it’s not healthy for a married man to have a crush on a lesbian woman in a deeply vested partnership, but damn it, she’s so awesome!), if McCain and his ilk want to bring Wright into this, McCain’s spiritual advisors aren’t all sunshine and rainbows either. For the record, GTL, I got your back on this one despite the commentors.

And our old friends at the Newshoggers.  Why?  Because Fester flattered me not long ago, and with me, flattery gets you everything you ever wanted… so long as what you want is a curmudgeonly out of shape dude in his thirties who is still damn attractive and incredibly witty.  That and because he has an interesting post up about Obama and a poor VP pick.  I wouldn’t even think to go in this direction except skimming the comments in some of the Hill-blogs, I’ve seen some of the less depraved Clinton supporters suggesting that picking this guy as a running mate might help to heal the wounds if Clinton doesn’t end up as number 2.

And that’s about it from me this week.  It’s been an interesting week, and I think next week will be just as interesting if not more.  I now leave you in the very capable hands of my colleagues.  Have a great weekend, and I’ll see yall late Sunday night.

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  1. Michael says:

    Please consider me for the blogroll.

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