Get Ready to Sing it Again, Carville

Well, Mr. Carville, there will be yet another Judas for you by the end of the day today.

Meet Joe Andrew, the Super Delegate whose endorsement of Barack Obama may be the biggest of this inter-primary contest cycle.

In a race where Super Delegates are becoming more significant than pledged delegates, both candidates actively chasing after each unpledged SD like their Pokemon (are Pokemon dated now? I really need to get out more), Andrew’s endorsement definitely takes rank.

First of all, Andrew is not an unpledged Super Delegate; he endorsed Hillary Clinton’s presidential big the day she announced it. Taking a look at sheer mathematics, that effectively turns the Andrew get from a net gain of one to a net gain of two delegates.

But the slight mathematical shift may be miniscule compared to the sheer psychological impact of Obama reaping one of the SD’s in Clinton’s camp. Especially this Super Delegate.

Like Bill Richardson, Andrew was a Clinton appointee, owing his status as the DNC chair to former President Clinton. Thus, Andrew not only acts as a crack in Mrs. Clinton’s Super Delegate support, but also in her broader institutional support as well.

And then one has to take a look at where the endorsement is slated to take place; Indianapolis. Yup, Andrew’s a Hoosier, and as AP reports, Indiana just might be the most important of the remaining primaries (for the record, I think that’s pretty much a load of crap. One of the things that has gotten us into this quagmire of a primary is this ungodly weighting of each individual state. I mean, yes, I know that all these states are basking in the glow of actually being important in the primary process, but still. After over forty states have had their say, I think it’s safe to say that there are no “most important states” in this game. But I digress).

So maybe Indiana isn’t the most important state in the game; it is up next, along with North Carolina, and unlike North Carolina Obama seems to be struggling against the blue collar pander stylings of Mrs. Clinton. So a nice little boost and all the home town headlines that will result might just allow Obama to narrow the gap and get back in it there.

But wait, Andrew’s not quite done yet. On top of everything else his endorsement brings, he’s also planning on lobbying the other uncommitted Super Delegates into lining up behind Barack Obama in an attempt to end this primary before too much more damage has been done.

This last part, to me, I think is significant. Obama has been outstripping Clinton in the SD pickups, even with his losses in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but the SD pickups have still been coming in at a moderate trickle.

I don’t think that one person’s call for the SDs to come in and end this thing will do much, but I do think that it may add to a cumulative effect if other committed or committing Super Delegates do the same.

And of course, the timing of this announcement couldn’t have been better; coming off the tail end of another bad week of press. Not only is it good for Obama who can use the story to rebound off of, but it may show hope for the party as well.

You see, amid all of this, that infamous circular firing squad is in full effect and running on all cylinders and, at least to my way of thinking, it’s kind of nice to see stories such as this that makes it look like we know how to circle the wagons and point our guns in the right direction as opposed to on each other every once in a while.

All in all, I’m pretty sure Mr. Andrew just made Obama’s day.

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