Hillary Clinton Shows Shadows of Bushism

When we look at the animosity that the left holds for the current president, it is important to understand that that animosity is not simply because he has an (R) after his name.

For all the talk of Bush Derangement Syndrome, there are valid and real reasons for which the left holds so much disdain for George W. Bush. In the end, these are the same reasons that have propelled Bush to the historic status of being the most hated president in the history of modern polling.

And what are those reasons? There are specfics such as Iraq, the attempt to privatize Social Security, and the infringement upon our constitutionally protected civil liberties. But there’s a broader issue at work here; he doesn’t listen.

He doesn’t listen to the dissenting opinions of economists, and he doesn’t listen to the people he presides over. He doesn’t listen to anything or anyone that hasn’t already been pre-constructed and fitted into the narrative that promotes his agenda.

And that is what is most disturbing about how hard Hillary Clinton has latched onto this gas tax holiday that was originally an idea by Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain. It is embodied most perfectly in her quote delivered Sunday, “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists.”

Of course she wouldn’t; just about every economist I’ve known to weigh in on this issue has called it in various different ways a dumb idea. That would be, of course, because it truly is a dumb idea, one that would provide little relief, if any, result in a loss of revenue, and have little or no bearing on actually reducing the cost of gasoline at the pump.

But the silliness of the idea isn’t the most bothersome aspect of the whole story, but instead, as Robert Reich rightly points out, How bush-like this whole episode truly is. It’s pandering at its most base, and pandering that isn’t even good pandering, like promising to give out universal healthcare when the political realities of such promises may not be feasible.

And it hints at bubble mentality; ignoring dissenting opinion, and ignoring experts in the field. Others might view it as a high powered version of group think.

Bubble mentality, group think, it doesn’t matter, I’m pretty sure I’m through with both of them. Clinton’s gas tax holiday is a bad idea, and when everyone and their brother (and their Clinton supporting cousins, might I add), all came out and said it was ridiculous, there were a million ways that Clinton could have gotten out from under it.

Instead she just donned her best Bush impression and plowed straight ahead, knowing full well the whole thing is a scam. Whatever happened to Hillary the Wonk? The wicked smart Senator from New York? You know the one, the same woman who was supposedly so well grounded in the facts and stats, who understood the workings of our government, and promised a departure from Bush-style governance? That Hillary Clinton must have left the building.

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