How to Parse Words, by Geraldine Ferraro

In an pretty crappy op-ed piece for the Boston Globe titled “Healing the wounds of Democrats’ sexism” (where, ironically enough, she doesn’t point out an examples of sexism on the campaign but demands that a study be undertaken to explore the issue), race-baiter and Hillary supporter Geraldine Ferraro has this to say on the thoughts of Reagan Democrats (ie: the white, working class folk voting for Hillary) concerning racism: 

…If you’re white you can’t open your mouth without being accused of being racist. They see Obama’s playing the race card throughout the campaign and no one calling him for it as frightening. They’re not upset with Obama because he’s black; they’re upset because they don’t expect to be treated fairly because they’re white. It’s not racism that is driving them, it’s racial resentment. 

Racism and racial resentment…  Well slap my monkey silly, I didn’t know there was a difference between the two!  And how exactly do these Reagan Democrats think they are going to be treated unfairly for being white?  Will an Obama administration round up all the white folk, throw them into ghettos, pay dick for the education of their children, and not care about the chemicals polluting their environment?  Haha!  Who am I kidding?  That’s all silly talk.  Of course none of that ever happens, and if it did and it were discussed, we would never accuse those pointing out these issues as being guilty of racism just for pointing out racism!

Here’s a couple videos that the Reagan Democrats won’t like/understand…  Depending on how you interpret Ferraro’s statements.

Kozol on segregated schools

Savage Inequalities in East St. Louis

And by posting these videos, Hillary’s supporters will now think I’m a huge racist!  Wheee!  Go me, it’s my birthday! 

2 Responses to “How to Parse Words, by Geraldine Ferraro”

  1. Kevin Hayden says:

    Well happy birthday, then. And let’s not forget, Ferraro was almost as useful a running mate as Tom Eagleton, in terms of a woeful election result. It took two more elections for Democrats to recover from that one, with the DLC’s own ‘Southern Strategy’, which means put two Southern Democrats on the ticket, publicly rebuke a black female rap singer and make it a point to refuse to intervene when Arkansas electrocuted a functionally retarded black man.

    Ah yes, Geraldine is a great arbiter of racial resentment and misogyny in more of the Other People than the folks she hobnobs with. That’s why she’s remained so vital to the Dem’s prospects that it took us 24 years to recognize “hey, Ferraro’s not dead yet.” While many Americans respond with “Ferrarro? Isn’t she that gifted actress who plays Ugly Betty?”

  2. Kathy says:

    Ferrarro is a real live honest to god racist. She’s the real mcCoy.

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