How We Know the Terrorists Have Already Won

Damn it, I don’t even like donuts.  But because I’m highly susceptible to suggestion, and I can’t get away from the stupid Rachael Ray story, I’m all of a sudden making emergency runs to the 7-Eleven to pick up Boston cream and chocolate eclairs.  Just what me and my belly needed.

There is something far more sinister at work here, and no, I don’t mean popular tv chefs trying to push terrorism into the mainstream.  Undoubtedly it is sad that there are people out there like the infamous Debbie Schlussel who equates any checked scarf as “The Garb of Jihad.”  I would beg to differ with Debbie who ranks such head and neck wear as being on par as sporting a swastika on the merit that a swastika is a specific and almost universally recognizable symbol, whereas black and white scarves are, well, black and white scarves.  It’s a simple pattern, a fabric pattern and one of the most common at that:




And of course.


Except, the interesting thing, as has been noted elsewhere, is that Rachael’s scarf isn’t even checked, but also has paisley patterns as well.

But this is all very much besides the point.  We can all sit around and discuss which are the scarves of terrorist appeasers and which aren’t some other time, and anyone willing to join me in that endeavor should soon learn the very definition of inanity.  The fact is, there are symbols that rightfully are societal taboos, and for good reason, but this isn’t one of them.

Yet while this whole episode seems to have boiled down to the left laughing at the right for wetting their pants over a paisley head scarf, there is a bigger problem; this is how you know that the terrorists have won.

You see, you have to come to the realization that killing all the infidels is not the only endgame.  Sure it is A endgame, but it is not the only one out there.  There are, to be sure, aspects to radical Islamic terrorism that makes it unique; a guiding radical fundamentalist belief in the Islamic faith, for instance.  But there are aspects of this breed of terrorism that is virtually identical to any other form of terrorism out there.

Specifically it is politically motivated.  It seeks to exert force and control over a people out of fear.  It is not merely to kill them, but to change their behavior based upon the fear that you will kill them, and to that degree, radical Islamic terrorists have won, the past six years proving to be the kind of terrorism success story beyond the dreams of fledgling terrorists around the world.

And why?  Because we reacted.  We allowed it to change our lives.  I’m sure the obvious counter argument runs along the lines of, “Well, they did kill 3000 Americans, what were we supposed to do?” to which the only answer I could ever give is, “Not what we’ve been doing.”

Yes, you go after the perpetrators of the crime, but you do it as a police action, not an act of war.  “War is politics conducted by other means.”  War is essentially acknowledging that the terrorists are on the level they hope to be.  Police action is, well, it’s just punishing someone who did something they shouldn’t have, it mitigates the problem, it undercuts and undermines it, and for someone who thinks they are launching a war, being treated like a common crook is an embarrassment and an insult.

And the rest of us, those not tasked.  We continue to live, and not in fear.  We do not cede our civil liberties, because those civil liberties and those freedoms that are embedded in the constitutional construct of this country are exactly what makes us Americans.  The moment that we give any of that away, the moment we are now allowing terrorists to mold us in their image.

Which is where this whole silly scarf business comes in.  If you don’t want to wear a scarf that sort of looks like the kind of headdresses that some terrorists (and other non-terrorist Muslims wear also, I should add), that is up to you, and all fine and proper.  But when we start pushing people off of air for such “offenses”, we are again allowing ourselves to be molded by terrorism.

The point to beating terrorists isn’t about cutting off the head to a multi-headed hydra.  It’s not about proving how big, bad, and tough you are.  It’s about not letting them change you.  It’s about not empowering them by proving that their tools of terror are actually working.

Now, when I say the “terrorists have already won,” I’m not taking an apocalyptic view here.  I’m not saying we are mere days away from all bowing in fealty to our new supreme leader of; Osama bin Laden.  I’m simply saying that we have given terrorism far too much power over our day to day lives.  And that Dunkin’ Donuts took this commercial off the air is yet another example in a long list of sad examples of how unwittingly we continue to grant terrorists a measure of validity they don’t deserve.


5 Responses to “How We Know the Terrorists Have Already Won”

  1. Carl says:

    Replace the anti-Israeli scarf with a Confederate Flag scarf and see if everyone’s opinion is the same.

  2. Yup, you really got the message.


  3. tas says:

    I’d say this is the most retarded thing I’ve heard this past month but I’d be insulting retards.

  4. Mark says:

    Excellent post. I actually have nothing to add. Well done, sir.

  5. badfrog says:

    To a degree, you are correct. However, by treating 9-11 as an act of war, the US has destroyed Al Quaeda, stopped Saddam Hussein from supporting our enemies by killing him, and put the Muslim world (Dar al Islam=House of Submission) on notice that we (Dar al Harb= the House of War) will fight for our freedom and that we are way better at it than they are. Sure it’s using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito. But by sledgehammering Iraq and Afghanistan, we have demonstrated our displeasure with the Dar al Harb, and shown that we are willing to accept a bunch of collateral damage to THEIR world. This has given them pause to think. Donations to Al Quaeda in both dollars and in terrorists are way down. By showing mercy and trying to protect those in Iraq and Afghanistan who do not support the terrorists, we demonstrate our goodness of heart.

    Further, by stopping Al Quaeda from attacking us and limiting their actions to the Dar al Harb, we show the Muslim world the truth about Al Quaeda–far from being freedom fighters, they are psychotic serial murderers, rapists, thieves, and corrupt, incompetent administrators. Anywhere Al Quaed and other Jihadis has controlled and then been driven out, the civilians do everything in their power to prevent them from comming in again. The worst punishment that we inflicted upon Fallujah for hanging our people from the bridge (yeah, they were OUR PEOPLE, for all that they were working for Blackwater; they were all ex-US military, and trying to help and defend America) was to let Al Quaeda continue in power, letting them continue with their torture rooms, their rape rooms, their execution chambers, and their thefts and oppression of the citizens of Fallujah. Their mayor wept when Fallujah was finally liberated.

    The result of all this is that the Muslim world is rethinking both terrorism and violent Jihad. I work with an international clientele, and my Muslim friends and aquaintances are popping back on the map again, and the first thing they all say when we see each other is that , yeah, terrorism is against Islam, and bombing innocents is not what God wants.

    As opposed to what I was reading and seeing in the first few months after 9-11. This is not an accident.

    The Dar al Islam has had seven years to see what happens when the Dar al Harb is upset. Is this keffiyah thing a tempest in a teapot? Of course. Is it a further reminder to those who hate us that some of us are still vigilant, and even a bit paranoid? Sure is. And even ready for more violence and destruction.

    In the face of our enemies, this is not a bad thing. Even if Michelle Malkin was wrong here, she has been right more than a few times.

    It is no bad thing to keep your enemies off balance. If nothing else, it gives the moderates in Islam a bit of extra incentive to convince those less moderate. “See? Those Americans are crazy. They went ballistic over a scarf. Let’s really not upset them again.”

    If you’re still thinking about this, check out the history of the Danish Mohammed Cartoons. The jihad supporting Muslims made big deal out of them, but couldn’t back their words with real actions, and ultimately made themselves look foolish.

    Even when we’re wrong, we can back up our actions. There is a fine line between foolish and dangerous, and there is no downside to muddying that line in the face of our enemies.

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