I Have Had Enough

Justin Gardner is exactly right; waiting for your opponent’s assassination is NOT a viable campaign strategy.

I really, really, REALLY tried magnanimity.  I really, really, REALLY, tried to be fair in my criticism, and I turned the other cheek on slights that personally disturbed me.  I have, over the course of the past few weeks, offered the olive branch time and again, and I have given Mrs. Clinton every ounce of credit she deserves and so much more.  I have even struggled to rise above the absolutely ridiculous comments of her deranged, and yes, let’s face it, cultish supporters.

I tried to be the better.  But I have had enough.

DAYS after Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, knowing full well the personal safety implications that her opponent faces being a black man running for president in a country where white supremicist hate groups still assemble, Senator Hillary Clinton references the assassination of Bobby Kennedy as one of the reasons SHE is still in this race.

Fuck it.  She’s done.  Eject this foul thing from our party, that is the only acceptable measure left for the Democratic establishment.

This is simply disgusting.  DISGUSTING!  Who does this?  Who literally says, “Well, I should stay in the running because my opponent just might be assassinated, and if I dropped out before that… Where would be then, huh?”


Keith Olbermann is supposedly going to issue his second special comment to Senator Clinton during this primary, and her supporters, blinded by abject MADNESS, are going to decry him as a sexist, but no.  She is getting what she deserves.

In fact, harsh words are the very tip of the iceberg of what Senator Clinton deserves.

She must be ousted.  She’s willing to break the party over not being picked as VP?  Fuck it, we’ll take the goddam loss, see your way out the door and out of political life completely, America will be the better for it.

I was supposed to take a nice long weekend here so I could rest up, enjoy my eleventh anniversary with my wife, and be ready to go come Tuesday of next week.  I’m still going to do that.  But this could not be allowed to pass.

And I cannot allow myself to defend her anymore.  There is only one acceptable time for Clinton to leave this race, and if I had my way, this party: AS SOON AS FUCKING POSSIBLE!

No quarter for this woman.  Ever!

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13 Responses to “I Have Had Enough”

  1. DrGail says:

    This sure puts the exclamation point on her insistence that blue-collar white voters will only vote for her. She has now firmly established herself as the preferred candidate for Dixiecrats.

    I too am livid, so I am about to say something very intemperate: If having Obama as our nominee separates all the latent racists from the Democratic Party, I’m all for it! The Democratic Party has a big tent, and I’m very proud of that, but there’s no room in this tent for racists and other forms of intolerance.

    As Hillary Clinton has pushed the meme about blue-collar white voters, I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with what looks like an effort to validate and even endorse racism. This comment today just jumps the shark for me, though. I will still try to understand and empathize with her vocal supporters, few of whom I think are racists, but Clinton herself has just gone beyond the pale.

  2. I won’t, I’m done with the whole sordid mess.

    Those same Clinton supporters are saying, “she’s just tired.”

    You know what I do when I’m tired? I shut my damn yap until I get some sleep, hence the reason I’ve been posting well below my normal rate last couple of days; I’m effing exhausted.

    Seriously, I’m just over the whole damn thing. I’m going to watch Olbermann’s special comment as soon as it gets posted online, and then I’m taking the weekend off, and then I’m offering this woman no latitude, none.

    I think I’m probably even going to drop that one bit of info that you know about that I’ve been sitting on for decency’s sake.

    She just chucked decency out the window of a car doing 90 in a school zone, and didn’t even turn her head to make sure no kids got hurt.

  3. tas says:

    I love what taylor Marsh said.. Oh, Hillary’s tired, said something dumb..

    If Hillary says this when she gets tired in the middle of the day, just how would she answer that 3am call?

  4. If you can’t beat your opponent, wish that he be off’ed in June before the primary!

    SHAME on BILLARY. You ARE UNFIT to be President!!

  5. terry says:

    not really a “graceful exit” is it

    Howard Fineman had it right tonight when he said it is a campaign that needs to be put out of it’s misery.

  6. Craig says:

    The frustration of some Obama backers is getting very explosive! I’m no fan of either candidate, but those who believe that Hillary really thinks or hopes that Obama will be killed before November are out of their heads! As she has alluded to in various interviews for months now (using the same examples), she is stating, even if it’s unrealistic, that various things have happened, even late in the primary season, that change the dynamics of an election. Specifically naming the assassination was stupid, because that ended up overwhelming the sliver of rationale that she was trying to establish.

    I can also see why her apology was geared more toward the Kennedy family, given the bad news they are already dealing with. Could she have included Obama in that statement? Sure, she probably should have emphasized that she didn’t intend to make that kind of specific connection. Not that it would have quieted those intent on using the ammo provided.

    Frankly, every President and Presidential candidate lives under the constant spectre of physical threat. Obama is not unique in this regard. It’s a sad reality that they all understand at some level.

    It’s interesting that she DID in fact say this, and use the A-word, in a TIME interview in March and hardly anyone raised an eyebrow. Now, with tensions between the two camps (and all their blogosphere supporters) at an all-time high, we get this rippling reaction. Hmmmm.

  7. tas says:

    Craig — Listen.

    Hillary was being asked why she’s still in this primary.

    Now she could have trotted out her usual excuses/lies… She could have said she has the lead in the popular vote, or she could have said that she is still mathematically in the delegate.

    But she didn’t.

    Instead, she said that a candidate could be assassinated in June, it’s happened before, and therefore because of this reason, she needs to stay in the race.

    That’s what she said — nobody is making this up.

    I didn’t know that she said the A-word in March. However, it was as wrong then as it is even more wrong wrong now. Hillary should have known better, but she fucked up.

    And you know… Huckabee didn’t use this as a defense of his candidacy. Romney didn’t use the assassination card (God, I have to use such a term) to stay in the race.

    And if a candidate is struck down, you know, I’m pretty sure the party can handle it. Either at or before the convention.

    What Hillary said was totally, completely, and unequivocally out of line. Any statement contrary to that — in defense of her comments — is bullshit. Furthermore, Hillary only proved that her staying in the race while she is, for all intents and purposes, mathematically eliminated, will hurt the party. If she was concerned more about making sure we don’t have a third straight Republican term in the White House, she would quit the race — now. And she should have quit before West Virginia, because she lost the race by that point.

    That fact that she needs to quit is self-evident — her excuses for staying in the race are not only getting more ridiculous, but it could hurt the party.

    She lost. She needs to concede and get the fuck over it.

  8. Semidi says:

    I see Clinton Derangement Syndrome is raging over here. You people are sick. You need help.

  9. tas says:

    CDS, Semidi? Then comparing yourself to German Jews in 1933? Nice. Because you know, we’re all just a bunch of Obama Nazis who are about to put you in a happy fun camp.

    Stay classy, asshole.

  10. Oh, and Semidi looks as though he/she just invoked Godwin. Congrats, folks, we are now Nazis, and Clinton supporters are Jews. Nice.

  11. tas says:

    Hey Semidi, here’s a lesson in the divisions that Clinton’s continued campaigning has caused, and how it threatens the party. It comes from your crappy blog in a post titled, “It’s The Popular Vote, Stupid,” wherein you quote Jeralyn Merritt, who parrots Hillary’s new argument — the superdelegates should vote for Hillary because she supposedly leads in the popular vote.

    Of course, you have to lie to make those numbers work. You have to ignore the fact that Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan. You also have to ignore the fact that all the candidates — even Hillary! — agreed to not campaign in Michigan and Florida before the primaries started. This is important because Hillary has more name recognition than Obama, which was especially acute during the early part of the primaries. So of course she’s going to get more votes in a state that neither of them have campaign in (Florida), or a state where he wasn’t on the ballot (Michigan).

    In other words, to say that Clinton leads to popular vote is to disenfranchise a lot of people who voted for Obama.

    Hillary knows she has lost, so she’s whipping out all these desperate arguments — whichis what everyone knew would happen if she selfishly stayed in the race.

    Let me ask you a question — though since you appear to be dumb as a stump, I’m not expecting an honest or intelligent answer — but if Hillary did manage to subvert the delegate count (hence democracy) to “win” the nomination, do you really thik she would have a chance to win in November when the party would split over the question of whether or not she stole the nomination?

    Fact is Hillary lost. And when a candidate loses, it’s in the best interests of everybody for them to accept this fact and move on before they start making dumb, desperate ploys to stay in the race. This isn’t a supposed “derangement syndrome,” this is fact — a reality that we’re currently witnessing. To deny it is to be unobjective. What Hillary is doing — when not implying that she needs to stay in the race in case Obama gets shot (and yes, Semidi, that is what she said) — is creating phony arguments that would cause her rabid supports (ie: you) to claim that the nomination was stolen from her. Nothing is further from the truth.

    Stop skirting the rules that were agreed to at the beginning of this primary to say that Hillary has the most popular votes. Stop trying to steal the election.

    If you don’t, then a new phrase might enter our political lexicon: It’s the theft, stupid.

  12. DrGail says:

    Bostondreamer: Thanks for clarifying who are the Jews and who are the Nazis. It helped me realize that I am in the wrong place, so I’ll be toddling over to Taylor Marsh right away. (snark!)

    I actually agree with Craig. I don’t believe for a minute that Hillary was expressing a hope that Obama would be assassinated before the convention, or at any other time. Rather, what makes her comment so craven and disgusting is that she was reminding the voters and the Superdelegates that he COULD be assassinated because, y’know, he’s black and he has populist appeal and he’s a threat to the establishment. She was demeaning and dismissive and arrogant and dog-whistling to the “blue collar white voters” (read: “racists”) that she’s a safer bet.

    No wonder she’s losing.

  13. Kathy says:

    I see Clinton Derangement Syndrome is raging over here. You people are sick. You need help.

    Clinton Derangement Syndrome — that’s clever! Did you used to be a Bush supporter? Is that where you picked up that expression?


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