I Know Who I Want To See Giving The Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Before I take one step further, let me clear the air on Chuck Hagel.  Outside of foreign policy, I could not disagree with him more on just about every issue with perhaps the exception of immigration.  Outside of that, Hagel is anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-equal opportunity, anti-most everything I tend to care about.

But on foreign policy, now that is a different story completely.

In an address hosted by the Ploughshares Fund, Republican Senator Hagel made it clear which of the presidential candidates he felt was on point when it comes to foreign policy.  According to Sam Stein, Hagel’s comments went back and forth between praising Senator Obama, and criticizing his own party colleague John McCain.

While Hagel did vote to give the president authorization to conduct military operations in Iraq, he has since repented and has become a long time and vocal critic of the current administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East.  Given that Hagel has announced that he will not seek reelection, his final term as a US Senator will thus be marked not necessarily for his conservatism on other issues, but instead for his role as black sheep among a Republican party that has made it clear that they will cling to the Iraq War for as long as they can physically do so.

Reading the comments to Stein’s post was as entertaining, if not more, than the post itself, and while I appreciate some of the sentiments and the intent behind some who are asking for Hagel to be the running mate (There is quite a bit of electoral good that that may serve), in truth, outside of foreign policy Hagel is far too conservative for me to want to see him even near the ticket, or near the cabinet for that matter, though I suppose Secretary of Defense may be something I could be convinced of in the future.  It would have to be a very convincing argument, though.

Still, given the Senator’s obvious respect for Obama’s approach to foreign policy, I could definitely think of one place I’d like to see him; giving the Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention.

In 2004, a lot of things killed Kerry, and it would be giving Zell Miller far too much credit to say he had any significant part to play in that.  But as a Democrat (read: Dixiecrat) who delivered the keynote for the Republicans, it did hurt, and was an embarrassment.

Chuck Hagel, though, represents about a third of his party, and if he could be convinced to become an active campaigner for the Obama campaign in the fall, John McCain would find himself seriously in trouble trying to hold on to that third that doesn’t buy into the big old Victory Pony that John McCain swiped from Bush and started trying to sell without even a good grooming.

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  1. Chief says:

    So, Sen. Hagel boosts Sen. Obamas foreign policy bona fides? And brings X percent of Republican voters to the Dem side come November? Sen. Nunn would also boot the foreign policy side of the slate.

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