In Penn’s Absence

I totally feel Josh’s exasperation on this.

Josh Marshall points out one of the aspects of the Clinton campaign that makes it hard for me to swallow that she’s actually growing in support as opposed to fading away; it’s just that the whole operation is so… crass.

While James Carville may not have crawled out from under a rock to call Joe Andrew a “Judas”, Howie Wolfson piped up to snipe at the guy, questioning his Hoosier street creds.  As Josh further states, they could have just shrugged, said, “He’s good people, he’s made his choice,” and moved on.

What’s so hard about that?  The thing is, it doesn’t make them seem petty and bitter and just small; they really are petty, and bitter, and small.  I mean, let’s go back to this gas tax; just about anyone with a brain has come out and said it’s moronic.  As Mike Bloomberg has said, it’s the “dumbest thing I’ve heard in an awful long time.”

It’s a panderpalooza, and when you throw in the jabs about Obama being out of touch for doing the right thing and opposing it; it becomes just more small politics.  She pushes it because she knows she’ll get a quick and easy bump from blue-collar workers, not because it will actually have a lasting and significant effect on the family or provide much needed relief because, frankly it won’t.

And if she really thinks it will, perhaps she’s not as smart as so many people like to say she is (I don’t think this, I think she’s just doing a big old chunk of shameless pandering).

What really bothers me is that even though Mark Penn has been removed from the big kids table within the Clinton campaign; they still behave the exact same.  They still refuse to address folks like they are thinking adults, and offer up the same cheap shots and unlikely ponies all politicians offer.

If, on the other hand, this campaign could just learn to cut the snide, petty crap out, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to convince myself that I might have to support them

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