It’s Called PROMOTION…

WE’VE BEEN HAD!” Michael Goldfarb exclaims in trademark indignation, while Bobby Knight (not of the chair throwing variety, but he may sling a stool once in a while) is agape.  Why?  Because Obama had an opening band by the name of the Decemberists playing at his super mega rally in Portland Oregon (I have a feeling that one of our writers might have gone, but I’ll have to get back to you on that).

It’s not fair; Obama only drew 75,000 people because a really popular, and local indie band.  He would have never gotten that many on his own.

Maybe, maybe not.  But then, it’s called PROMOTION, dumbasses.  It’s what you do when you are in POLITICS, and trying to WIN!

Egads, of all the manufactured controversies filled with manufactured outrage, are you kidding me?  This is worth these people’s time.  For that matter, it’s worth my time?

Well, yeah because I have to write about something for the next four hours, and besides that, I do have to point out how ridiculous it is to imply that Obama doesn’t get credit for a 75,000 strong rally because a pseudo-popular band was the opening act.

Note: OPENING act, might I add.  Not the main attraction.

As I said, it’s called promotion, and when a good chunk of your base is the young vote, there’s also a little mobilization and energizing going on too.  The right’s familiar with it, just not in this form.

For them, this would be the equivalent of passing out false fliers that suggest Kerry would ban the Bible and legalize gay marriage.  That’s how the right gets their troops a-marchin’.  How does Obama get his troops marchin’?  A little hope, a little change, and some help from friends like the Boss, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews, and apparently the Decemberists.

I mean, politics is still about attracting people to your cause, isn’t it?  It’s still about getting people to man your phone banks, distribute your fliers, plant your lawn signs, and go vote for you, right?  75,000 strong crowd, most probably voted Obama, that’s the point.

Even if Jesus himself came down and introduced Obama, all that would matter was that Jesus helped Obama build a bigger voting coalition.  That and how awesome would that be if Obama got Jesus’ vote?  I’m just saying.

Honestly, you’d almost think these guys would only be happy if Obama were running a losing campaign.  Oh wait.

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6 Responses to “It’s Called PROMOTION…”

  1. terry says:

    Cr*p, you know the Obama campaign was hoping no one would notice. They never get people to attend their rallies AND they really needed a boost in Oregon. And The Decemberists NEVER play Portland.

    Thank God they didn’t open the concert with what they usually play. That would have sent the conservative bloggers over the edge 🙂


    Tis nice to hear some good snark before bed.

    Silly Republicans… don’t blame us cuz your branding sucks a monkey turd.

  3. Kevin says:

    The best part about all this is watching middle-aged Republicans embark on a conversation about indie rock.

    Decemberists play in Portland ALL the time. You don’t draw that crowd for them, and KEEP them there for Obama.

  4. God yes. Goldfarb talking about the Decemberists being noise pollution just KILLED me.

    Seriously, have you listened to indie rock these days? It’s mellow. Most of it is tamer than anything these guys listened to when they were growing up.

    Clue, when actually dancing to the music is kind of a faux pas, that should be something of a clue that it’s not exactly rowdy noise pollution.


  5. tas says:

    I don’t think the Decemberists have headlined any big arena tours… You have to be a legendary band to fill up 75,000 seats. Like The Police (not just Sting alone, mind you), Garth Brooks did it in Central Park, NYC, once; Elton John could do it, too.

    Or, you could just be a legendary politician, too.

    And I hope none of these chuckleheads checks out the Decemberists’ photo from their website, lest the “OBAMA IS A MUSLIM!@!#!one!!” conversation start anew.

  6. Craig says:

    It’s hardly a controversy, other than within the maze of political blogs. Did a very popular local/national band, on a rare warm sunny spring weekend day in Portland, help greatly boost the rally’s numbers? Of course. The passing mention of these factors by the press would have helped give the turnout a bit more proper context, but unless Springsteen opened up the rally, its not a blatent disregard by the press to omit that info.

    Just another blogosphere mini-tempest. Yawn……Nothing to see here.

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