I’ve Heard That Before

You know what has me really psyched up for this election year?

The return of the politics of fear.

In keeping with the fine tradition of claiming that voting for the wrong president will result in the violent and excruciating deaths of all Americans everywhere, Bush has decided to weigh in on this year’s presidential election.

Right before he gets to the already infamous golf quote, Bush explains that voting for someone (not McCain) will “embolden the terrorists,” and result in an attack on our shores. This is where I close my eyes and think, this man has less than a year of being our president. Not even a full year left. Two thirds of a year and he’s gone, that’s all.

Of course, the obvious irony is that it might embolden terrorists if they knew that their actions affect how we vote en masse, but that’s just a minor detail, really. And of course Bush is an expert on all things terrorist and Iraq considering how successful he’s been over the past seven years…


No, I’m not thrilled at the thought of terror mongering for votes, but what I am truly thrilled about is having the opportunity to beat these bastards back this time around. I am positively salivating on this one. The usage of the politics of fear is not bravery or heroics, it’s not even good bravado; it’s transparent cowardice feeding on more cowardice.

And it’s going to lose this time around.

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One Response to “I’ve Heard That Before”

  1. Manamongst Hussein says:

    It won’t work on their part. Hopefully the entertaining part is soon to come. Hopefully he will lose it on someone who calls him out. Or simply just stop showing up for shit…or better yet make Cheney show up for a press conference…or publicly fall off the wagon.

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