John Kerry Has His Jon Stewart Moment

Remember this?

That served as a rare moment in modern media where someone, someone with a high profile anyway, stood up and told them that they are falling down on the job. We don’t get to see this often and it’s too bad because, as Jon said four years ago, while this kind of media coverage is great for comedians, it’s hurting America.

Now, after being the victim of the media sleeping on the job and chasing after minutiae, John Kerry has spoken out against them in defense of the presidential candidate he has chosen to endorse.

Now, as nice as this is, I’m not going to lie; I wanted to see this sooner. And I wanted to see this from more people.

What has become one of the most aggravating aspects of this campaign is watching as everyone stands on the sidelines and keeps their traps shut. I know why a lot of them do it. Whether they’re afraid the media will turn its absurdity filtered lens onto them, or because, at least this time, it’s their opponent who has his (or her) feet to the fire, but that’s taking the short view on this whole thing.

Whether you back Clinton, or Obama, or even McCain for that matter, all of them, likely less McCain, run the risk of falling victim to a media that is inclined towards covering politics in the most absurd fashion imaginable. In my last post I noted that, among liabilities that each of the candidates face, the Wright issue ranked a distant fourth compared to John McCain’s similarities towards George W. Bush. And yet, you would never know this based on recent media coverage.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that McCain’s Bush liability is a far more substantial concern, one that has far more weight on how this country is run, than Obama’s former minister.

And, if we were to all be looking through objective lenses, as opposed to the partisan lenses that we all have plastered to our eyeballs, most people should be outraged about this. But the outrage typically only comes from the candidate who is getting flogged at the moment, which then doesn’t look like honest outrage, but takes on the guise of whining which is an appearance that opponents are all too willing to help along.

This is why, even though I am an Obama supporter, I’m picky on how I choose to go after McCain, and why I don’t toss out every single negative trash story about Clinton that exists. Because in the end it just gets absolutely silly, and it really helps no one.

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  1. slag says:

    Atrios had said that this election was going to be about the people vs. the media. I couldn’t agree more.


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