Just how done is Hillary?

Suppose this were November of any presidential election year and both candidates are still mathematically in the race, and vote totals are yet to come in from three states: California, New York, and New Jersey.

At that point, which candidate do you think the networks would declare the winner? It’s a pretty stupid question.

That’s the position Hillary is in right now. Technically speaking, she could still win — but she needs a ridiculous amount of the vote from the primaries left. We’re talking 70-75% in her column — an impossible task.

How impossible? Well, there’s 404 delegates left to be voted on. The number of delegates Hillary needs to clinch the nomination is 324; for Obama, it’s 183. If I go by conservative estimates and say that Hillary gets 55% of the remaining delegates, leaving 45% for Obama, Obama just won 181 delegates. At that point, he would need just two more superdelegates to break his way to win the nomination.

That’s how desperate the math is for Hillary. She’s not technically mathematically eliminated from this presidential race, but she might as well be.

If this were happening in November, every news outlet would make Obama their projected winner. So why are they holding back now?

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