Who wrote this, Pravda? HAhahahahAHahahhahahahHAHAHAHAH… LOL ROFL

2 Responses to “Laughable”

  1. CeeHussein says:


    They can’t even sell tickets to fundraisers where Bush and McCain were to appear.
    I understand that any future evens will be private, no media and in smaller venues…like HOUSES. 😀

    At least the people in the Soviet Union knew they were/are being lied to. Anyone who still supports the GOP doesnt.

  2. CH – Ironic that fundraising is a challenge for the GOP considering the reason they have no chance in hell of winning in November has more to do with the abysmal state of the economy than other single factor. While Bush has spent the past 7.5 years enriching the GOP donor class those people are finding it difficult to give some of that money “back” to the party. At the same time, the people suffering the most, the remaining 95% of the population, is still finding it in their budgets to donate to donate to Democratic candidates despite $4.00 + gallon gas, a collapsed housing market and painfully inflated health care costs.

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