Less Money, More Problems?

While I continue to watch the election trackers, I caught an interesting snippet by Ben Smith.  He had asked Terry McAuliffe if Hillary had to loan her campaign more money in the run up to these primaries, and McAuliffe demurred.

The interesting thing about this, as Joe Sudbay points out, is that it’s not in character for McAuliffe to pass on delivering good news, in other words, if Clinton didn’t loan herself more money, it would be far more likely for McAuliffe to come out and say so.

I don’t know, personally, we’re supposed to find out more tomorrow.  But I do know that there was the ten million dollar “money bomb” that Clinton supposedly hauled in after Pennsylvania, but barring that, I really haven’t heard much from Clinton on the fundraising front.

And, if tonight keeps going in the direction it is going, I don’t foresee her financial troubles getting any better.

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