McCain Surrogate Joins the “Economists BAD!” Bandwagon

There can be only one explanation for this.

As someone who has tried to understand the economy, and felt his insides grow cold from the chilling effort, I have come to one conclusion; economists earn their pay and due.  Because, let’s face it, the economy is a complex animal–about ten billion times more complex than when you dust off the old Monopoly set and sit down with a few friends to play.

It’s the difference between looking up at space and seeing a bunch of stars, and actually understanding what all those zeroes behind the ones when distances are discussed really mean.

The economy is complex, and ugly, and I got nothing on it, thus, economists in my opinion get plenty of respect.  Their whole job is to understand something that no normal human being should understand.  So why all the economist hate?  So what if some of them would rather go curling than drink beers with a minor internet celebrity when he comes to town (*ahem* there are all of two people that will get that)?  They still know stuff about, you know, the economy.

And at times like these where the general consensus is that the economy isn’t doing so good, shouldn’t we be kind of listening to those people who know how the damn thing works?

It’s like cars.  I know absolutely nothing about cars; so when one of my vehicles decides that me turning the key in the ignition isn’t enough for it to run anymore, do you think I’m the one that crawls up under the hood?  Hell no; I know me, I’ll only make the problem worse.  No, I take that vehicle straight to someone who gets paid to look under the hood and make them figure out what’s wrong and make them fix it.

So why oh why oh why does a McCain surrogate go on tv and start dissing economists?

Two answers.

1) As Carly astutely points out, because no credible economist will back her guy’s play.  This is the cynical answer, of course, and cynical politics dictates that if you can’t find an expert who will agree with you, than you don’t listen to the experts, you discredit them.

2) Because McCain doesn’t understand the economy.  This goes straight to the heart of what I was talking about earlier.  If you spend enough time to grasp the complexity and enormity of the situation, than you’re probably at least poised to know that you need serious help.  If, on the other hand, you kind of treat the economy like a box filled with magic smoke that makes everything work, than of course you don’t need an expert, you just need more magic smoke.


Of course, magic smoke may just be what these people are inhaling considering the fact that this has already been deemed a losing issue pretty broadly, and yet they are still pushing it as though it’s a real winner.

Remember, John, Obama likes this issue.

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