McCain Wants To Lose

That has to be it. McCain WANTS to lose this election, though, for what reason, I don’t know why. He’s already pushing the limit on how old you can be and still credibly run for president, but, you know, if this is his strategy, this is his strategy.

So, on Memorial Day mind you, John McCain has decided to attack Senator Obama by saying he has long wanted to “surrender” in Iraq. Check out the Maverick, classin’ the joint up.

My immediate reaction was, well, Obama was the guy who stood up and said we shouldn’t be there in the first place. “Surrender,” isn’t exactly the word I would use. No, I’d probably use something to the effect of ending a big old SNAFU six years and some change after it should have been ended, but I also like Obama’s terminology of “responsible withdrawal.”

That McCain chose to level an attack on Memorial Day is just a little tasteless.

The Obama Team’s response:

Obama’s camp declined to hit back, with spokesman Bill Burton saying “Memorial Day is a day to honor our nation’s veterans, not a day for political posturing.”

The non-attack attack. Team Obama is quickly turning this into an instant classic.

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3 Responses to “McCain Wants To Lose”

  1. Pug says:

    I asume the 60+ percent of Americans who want the Iraq War to end are also in favor of “surrender”. Accusing a majority of Americans of wanting to surrender is not a smart political tactic. This stuff is not selling with the voters anymore. It is well beyond its sell-by date.

    Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel are about to hang a big roundhouse upside John McCain’s and George W. Bush’s heads. John McCain should hear constantly, as he promotes continuing the war in the Middle East, that he opposed improved educational benefits for veterans of that war.

  2. DrGail says:

    Amen Pug. And yet I fear that McCain’s posturing of “It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it” (like opposing a new GI Bill or attacking Iran) may hold sway with some voters. After all, if you don’t examine it very closely, it seems like he’s being the responsible adult who is willing to stand his ground.

  3. Manamongst Hussein says:

    Wait a minute…isn’t this the same idiot that didn’t know the difference bewteen Shia and Sunni? How is this dumb hump gonna sit back and be obtuse and say it’s about surrender…that, I guess, is their default catch-phrase to get them out of an argument bind…kind of like “appeasement” was for that fool that got raped by Tweety.

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