Michael Goldfarb’s* Very Revealing American Idol Analysis

*Note from Kathy: My apologies for dissing Michael Goldfarb about a piece that was actually written by Dean Barnett. And thank you to Martin in Comments for calling my attention to this.

Okay, look — I know this is not exactly a life or death issue, but sometimes a person’s character is revealed more starkly by the seemingly little things. Here is what Michael Goldfarb Dean Barnett had to say about the results of this week’s elimination process on American Idol:

On Tuesday, a plurality of respondents said dreadlocked caterwauler Jason Castro should have been the next American Idol contender sent home. Easily the least talented of the remaining contestants, Castro himself acknowledged this week in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he’s the worst singer of the group by a mile. The EW profile also suggested that Castro is lazy and not working nearly as diligently as his competitors.

Nevertheless, American Idol viewers made the right decision in sending gorgeous but hyper-saccharine and (super-boring) blonde Brooke White home on Wednesday. White had this irritating habit of angrily dismissing any criticism that she received from the judges. It would seem to me that if you were 24 (as White is) and wanted a career in the music business and an accomplished star-maker like Simon Cowell was giving you advice, you’d be wise to pay rapt attention even if you didn’t particularly care for his manner. I like to think that this unseemly arrogance caused White to precede Castro out the door.

Goldfarb is right about Jason Castro’s talent relative to the remaining contestants. Nevertheless, he thinks America made the correct choice in keeping Castro and voting off Brooke White. I disagree, but that in itself is not outrageous — everybody has their favorites, and even though Idol is a singing contest, we all know that viewers do not always vote on the basis of who is the best singer or performer overall.

What I find remarkable is why Goldfarb Barnett dislikes White so much: because, he says, she is “hyper-saccharine” and “super-boring.”

When I read this, I immediately thought of what Auntie Em said to Miss Gulch in The Wizard of Oz after Toto ran after her cat: “How would it be if we kept him tied up? He’s really gentle — with gentle people, that is.”

You can’t appreciate gentle when you’re a wicked witch, of course.

All I know of Brooke White is the way she’s presented herself on my television screen, but what I have seen there is a vulnerable, emotional (as Ryan Seacrest said, and he’s right), genuinely kind individual who appears to have more than the average amount of empathy and concern for other people. She strikes me as being a very loving person. I only saw her get angry at Simon Cowell once (far from “angrily dismissing any criticism she received from the judges,” which is absolute hogwash), and that was on someone else’s behalf, not her own: When she and Kristy Lee Cook were in the bottom two a few weeks ago, Simon, in his typical way, rubbed salt in the wound by telling Cook that she deserved to be up there. Brooke glared at Cowell and said, “No!” and put her arm around Cook.

Brooke was my absolute favorite on that show — and not just for her voice and her talent, because she was one of many in that department. She was my favorite because she was just so decent, fragile yet dignified, such a goodhearted soul. It speaks volumes about Michael Goldfarb’s Dean Barnett’s heart and soul that he would find such qualities repellent. As for me, I’m so disgusted that Brooke is gone and Jason Castro still there that I probably won’t watch for the rest of the season. I just can’t work up any excitement about it anymore.

2 Responses to “Michael Goldfarb’s* Very Revealing American Idol Analysis”

  1. Patricia says:

    The voting process used by American Idol purely contradicts there saying that this a singing competition not a popularity contest.The real winners of AI7 will be David Cook, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, and Kady Malloy. Those 4 have the best chance of being successful as recording artists.The others will follow the disappointments of Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and others and after there 15 minutes of fame will disappear from the music world only to turn up at county fairs and sports contests.

  2. Martin says:

    The piece wasn’t written by Goldfarb, but by Dean Barnett (author at bottom of post).

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