Of Course Clinton’s Being Unprincipled About Florida and Michigan; Obama Should Go Along Anyway

Here is a milestone of sorts. Armando agrees that Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe a word she’s saying when she compares Florida and Michigan to the disenfranchisement of blacks and women. Responding to a post by Josh Marshall, in which Josh makes the point that Sen. Clinton is elevating a purely political ploy to the level of principle, Armando bursts out:

Oh for crissakes, did Josh Marshall just fall of the political turnip truck? That is politics. No one ever says “yeah I am doing this for political advantage.” They ALWAYS say it is about principle.


There is nothing I detest more than people like Josh Marshall pretending to be shocked that politicians are practicing politics. Frankly, it is he who is engaged in false outrage. It is he who is being disingenuous. But he is not a politician and has no excuse for this nonsense.

Having said this, Armando goes on to suggest that, if Sen. Clinton is being so cynical and unprincipled in working up her supporters to believe that Obama is stealing the nomination from her, he should “just agree to seat the delegates and remove [the] problem[.]”

Of course, the problem is not seating the delegates. Josh himself points out that it’s always been generally assumed that the delegates would be seated, after the convention. The problem is having those votes count toward the nomination when both Obama and Clinton agreed that they would not count if Florida and Michigan did not abide by party rules that both candidates signed off on.

2 Responses to “Of Course Clinton’s Being Unprincipled About Florida and Michigan; Obama Should Go Along Anyway”

  1. Chief says:

    Whatever endeavor we undertake in life there are rules. School, work, relationship – all have rules. Senators Clinton and Obama agreed, early on, to live by the rule that disenfranchised Florida and Michigan for not following the DNC rules.

    I don’t have THE solution. Everybody suspects that the delegations from both states will be seated and that in some way their votes will be counted. The question is which of the two candidates will get the majority of the delegates.

    And I don’t know who Armando is but he (??) is playing politics also. Rise above the gutter politics and be honest, I say.

  2. Kathy says:

    Armando is Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left.

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