Perhaps the “Re-Vetting” Should’ve Happened Sooner?

Every time, folks. Every time this guys hits a roadbump about lobbyists and special interests, out comes this video:

According to the Politico, Tom Loeffler has quit the McCain campaign due to “lobbying entanglements.” Loeffler, a major fundraiser and national co-chair, managed to be pretty high up on Team McCain’s totem pole, but won’t see things through to the fall largely as a result of a “re-vetting” of the campaign.

To be fair, the whole re-vetting thing is on its face somewhat laudable, let’s get rid of the lobbyists and special interest folks, if for no other reason than when McCain says he doesn’t play with lobbyists and special interests, he doesn’t come off as one big old stinkin’ hypocrite.

But, if he’s doing a little bit of Sunday afternoon weeding, shouldn’t that have happened a long while ago? Say, maybe before the primaries? It does leave one to wonder if he would have gotten as far as he did without, perhaps, the five lobbyists expelled from his campaign in the space of a week, or, without the cash that lobbyists have brought to his campaign.

After all, as has been reported here on several occasions, John McCain has taken more lobbyist money than any of the other candidates still in the race.

In other words, can you really unpoison a well that’s already been poisoned? This becomes an even trickier question for McCain when we stop to understand just how dire the straits were for him in the months leading up to the primary contests. His political obituary had been penned time and time again before the first votes were cast. Indeed, months before voters went to pick their Republican nominee in Iowa, the McCain campaign underwent a serious shakedown that allowed it to alleviate the top-heavy burden it was bearing.

To be sure, McCain barely limped into the opening contests as far as organization and money were concerned, but he did manage to build up steam on a shoestring budget.

Now the question becomes, exactly who was lending the shoestrings?

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