I am seeing a very good reason why CNN continues not to call a winner in Indiana.  With 79% reporting, there is only about a 25,000 vote gap between Clinton and Obama, and this represents about a fifteen thousand vote shrinkage of the deficit since the 75% mark.

But to put some perspective on this, as you all know, I have continued to maintain that delegates are the standard metric in this race, but the Clinton campaign insists on popular vote totals.

At the rate that Indiana is going, if Clinton holds onto her lead, she is looking at receiving less than a net gain of fifty thousand in the popular vote.  By contrast, with 65% reporting, Obama has a popular vote lead of about 160,000 votes.

Assuming things remain relatively stable from here on out, Obama is looking to not only increase his pledged delegate lead over Clinton tonight, but also his popular vote lead by about a hundred thousand.

As tas has already said, this thing should be over.

3 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. terry says:

    They are waiting on numbers from Lake and Bloomington county which are not supposed to be in until 11pm or maybe later. Turnout was really huge.

  2. I tell ya, Indiana is a really a stunner. The pessimist in me expected a single digit win in NC and a double digit lose in Indiana. I’m so thrilled.
    And part of that, I think, comes from watching the Clintonites froth at the mouth over the margins. Horrible I know.

  3. terry says:

    Won’t it be fun to watch CBS have to un-call Indiana for Clinton?


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