Please Don’t Think This Is About Obama, But Did You Hear About the Latest from Obama’s Church?

Armando apparently is unfamiliar with the concept of white privilege. I don’t know how else to explain why he has such a bad case of the vapors over this video:


Granted, the presentation is a bit over the top — more like Saturday Night Live than a church service — but the message is pretty unremarkable. Here is what Pfleger is saying, in my understanding:

  • White Americans who say they are not responsible for racism or for the way African Americans have historically been treated in the United States are forgetting that they benefit from being white whether they realize it or not — and most would not want to give up that privilege.
  • Hillary Clinton comes off like she feels she is entitled to the Democratic nomination. Certainly a large part of that sense of entitlement is coming from her (and her husband’s) sense of themselves as political royalty, but it’s not outrageous or beyond the pale to suggest that her fury may be all the stronger because that golden prize she thinks belongs to her alone is being usurped, not by another white male political power broker, but by a black man. I’m not sure why this should be considered such a shocking proposition. We have heard a great deal in this primary season about black racism toward whites. Is not the reverse a possibility as well?

In closing, may I also say that I don’t understand why Armando includes “Speaking for myself only” in every one of his posts. Who else would he be speaking for?

3 Responses to “Please Don’t Think This Is About Obama, But Did You Hear About the Latest from Obama’s Church?”

  1. tas says:

    Disregarding the fact that Armando showing a video like this, thus applying it to Obama even after he publicly left the church, is pretty unfair, that fact that this is news at all (or is it just news in Armando’s little world?) goes to a current in American political debate that pisses me off: Shooting the messenger.

    What better way to refuse to accept any accountability at all than to blame the messenger?

    We’re seeing this with the Bush administration’s defenders in their accusations against Scott McClellan’s motivations. I just watched David Gregory’s show on MSNBC where some geniuses accused McClellan of trying to harm our nation by writing this book and having it published in the middle of a presidential election. Excuse me? Scottie’s harming this nation by saying that Bush knowingly lied when telling the public that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? No — how about Bush harmed the nation by lying? Why isn’t that being debated?

    Same thing here. Armando posts a video of a man at a black church talking about white entitlement, and bam! — it’s the man that’s the problem. Which is kinda funny, since the city I live in when I’m at college (Northampton, MA; home of Smith College and supposedly liberal) just cut some funding for school buses in the 2009 city budget. It’s minority children that need those buses the most, not white ones. It’s also a mighty coincidence that I talk with my teacher friends and they tell me that the kids in juvy halls are primarily minorities, but when white kids commit the same crimes they simply get sent to special schools.

    Inequalities still exist. I’m rather pissed off that Armando decides to shoot the messenger (then shamelessly apply it to Obama — which he did no matter how much he denies it) instead of exploring the message.

    What kind of country are we becoming when public debate is reduced to character assassination?

  2. Kathy says:

    Great comment, tas. The media is very depressing. David Gregory was one of the bozos who has been denying that the press let the Bush admin get away with anything — “Oh no, oh no, I don’t think that’s true at all, we did our jobs, we asked the tough questions,” blahblahblah — and then he turns around and accuses Scott McClellan of HARMING the nation? HE harmed the nation along with his fellow so-called journalists by just accepting everything McClellan and Tony Snow and Dana Perino told him (and them).

    Your point about funding cuts for school busing brings back memories for me, because when my daughter was in public school (she is in college now), the board of ed was talking about cutting money for school busing, and the busing was an integral, essential part of a school desegregation plan that had been implemented years before. Same out of proportion discriminatory effect with special education. The white kids who had learning disabilities, or special educational needs, got private tutoring or directed attention from the classroom teacher; the black kids with the same kinds of needs got shuffled off to special ed classes.

    This is racism. This is what racism IS in this country. It’s not just some white yahoo using the “n” word.

  3. CeeHussein says:


    I laughed when I saw the video. What did he lie about? Did Father Pfleger talk about something happened in June?

    NoQuarter ( the blog that was rightfully removed from your roll) started with the nonsense on Father Pfleger months ago, yet the media blames this circulation on the rightwing.

    Clinton and her deranged supporters who want to live in the past are the problem.

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