Prophecies Fulfilled: Obama Wins Oregon

And so it was foretold, so it has come to pass.

Frankly, it’s a little surprising the attention the primaries are garnering now.  Okay, maybe I don’t mean that, of course they are going to draw some attention, but it’s kind of funny that despite weeks of projection and prediction and essentially KNOWING how this stuff is going to turn out, we’re all still in our places with bright, shining faces, and breathlessly reporting on every bit of detail and minutiae there is about these things.

I’m an addict, that’s my excuse.

So, just as has been predicted for weeks, months even, Clinton has won Kentucky by a ridiculous 30 point plus margin, and Obama has just been declared the projected winner in Oregon.  With only 17% reporting at the time of this writing, the margin of victory up there is still too far away to know, but if the projections and prognostications are correct, it should be somewhere in the teens.

Also, as predicted, Obama reached a major milestone tonight in collecting a majority of all pledged delegates available in the Democratic primary race.  Currently, by CNN’s totals anyway, this puts Obama, at 1941 delegates at the time of this writing (there will of course be more as Oregon’s returns come in), within one hundred delegates of the original, though disputed, finish line.

As my colleague, tas, has calculated, that means that Obama needs only 14 % of the remaining unpledged Super Delegates to put him over the top.  This puts Clinton’s nomination hopes in extreme paril as she can now no longer afford to allow Obama to have any delegates whatsoever.

Every delegate at this point is going to hurt as now Obama’s path to the nomination is no longer a matter of beating Hillary as it is crossing the finish line.

So the final scoreboard for the night; Clinton will come away with the biggest win in terms of margins of victory, but that victory comes with more nails in her own coffin.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, over the next few weeks Obama will lose handily in Puerto Rico, win by respectable though not jaw dropping margins in Montana and South Dakota, and the entire time a steady trickle of Super Delegates will continue to push him in proximity of the finish line, but barring a Clinton campaign return to negative politics, will not push him over until Montana and South Dakota have had their vote.

Never fear, though, despite my prognostications, I will still be right here and reporting on it all as though it was the most shocking thing the world has ever been faced with!

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  1. Yannick Comenge says:

    To my mind, HRC is like Churchill. She is in front a blitz. And I am sure that she will succeded.
    I have been volunteer for her in 1997 even if I am French.

    Yannick Comenge

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