Real Worry, or Spinning Expectations?

The big news from Drudge is that a Clinton insider has leaked to him that Team Clinton is expecting a heavy loss in North Carolina.  Like, 15 points or more heavy.

For some reason, I’m not buying the “sky is falling act”.

Plainly put, there’s no reason to believe it.  Just about all polls (sans Zogby’s, it would seem), have been showing Clinton narrowing the gap, and at this point, the margin of victory for Obama appears to be reliant on the strength of the African American vote.

More likely, this is a pretty blatant bit of lowering expectations that I think may just be reaching beyond the realm of plausibility.  Ten points, twelve points, sure, but fifteen is so terribly outside the norm that I can’t imagine any math or internals that would actually show that at this point.  On the other hand, a fifteen point expected deficit can turn even a nine point deficit into something that can be spun as a victory.

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