Yes, they’re really that stupid

Concerning the Washington Post article on racism that Obama campaign workers have encountered on the trail (which Kyle, and every other living creature in the blogosphere, has already commented on), journalistically I thought it was a solid article. It stuck to the facts, didn’t straddle the line and become a subjective opinion piece, and it didn’t make any broad, sweeping assumptions.

But RedState, however…

They think differently. Their post, which miserably fails in hacking the WaPo article to pieces, ends with this sentence:

The press can write stories about racists if they want. But to slander entire American cities and states is reckless, journalistic malpractice.

And what proof does RedState bring to back up such an assertion? Here’s one nugget:

The Post then gives us the dirty little secret about why Kokomo has a problem with Obama.

“Kokomo, which was once a Ku Klux Klan stronghold. On July 4, 1923, Kokomo hosted the largest Klan gathering in history — an estimated 200,000 followers flocked to a local park.”
Get that, 85 years ago, the Klan had a meeting in town. And so, therefore, their descendants currently living in Kokomo are also racists, because we all know racism is hereditary.

So reporting that a town has a history of racism = THE WAPO JUST SAID EVERYONE IN A SWING STATE IS RACIST!@#!!! RIGHT THERE, THEY JUST SAID IT!! OMG, SHOES! Somebody pass the delusional cookies so I can make sense out of that assumption… And as if to point out the fact that they don’t know what subtlety is, RedState fails to ponder what a town having such a meeting 85 years ago means. How long is 85 years.. A lifetime? Three generations? It may sound long, but in the scope of history we’re not talking about a thousand mile walk here. Eighty-five years ago, black people were hanging from trees in this country — a mindset which can help explain the racism we still see in society today. And if a town held the largest KKK meeting ever 85 years ago, then yes, RedState, it should be noted because it means that some mindsets in the town may not be forgotten. This doesn’t mean that anyone said that the whole town is still full of racists, but this racial issue is — ironically enough — not black and white.

All of this seems to be lost on the RedState community, though. I mean, as far as stupid, ignorant rants attempting to prove media bias go, this RedState post takes the cake — it’s the ramblings of someone who drank the conservative Kool-Aid but forgot to apply some critical thinking skills. Which is to say it’s just another run of the mill RedState post. That blog is a joke, and if I were a thinking conservative I’d be embarrassed that these morons attempt to speak for me.

4 Responses to “ Yes, they’re really that stupid”

  1. Silly, silly, they keep trying, and keep failing.

  2. scot grieve says:

    America will survive intact untill 2010, and then it will be opprotunity to uncerromenousley dump the socialists for good.

  3. Greg Tharp says:

    America is the most powerful nation on Earth at present. And the most benevolent. We are a country of liberators. Do we have a past with major character flaws? Duh! Wow genius we all know that fact. But,…what you whiners and haters fail to acknowledge is that our Constitution was fulfilled after much growing pains. American blacks reside in the land where dreams come true and racists are legally prevented from fulfilling any evil intents. Unless you are a Statist pig like yourself who uses the American blacks like a whore. Paying peanuts and subsidizing poor life choices. You and your kind have done more harm to American blacks than all the stupid Klansmen ever dreamed of inflicting. I hope that future generations wake up and see that clearly you are a dinosaur and deserve the ash bin of history status.

  4. tas says:

    Greg, can you explain to me how you became so fucking stupid? Was it surprise blunt head trauma in your late 20s or something?


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