Slow Day

While Clinton rejoined the campaign trail in West Virginia, Obama was making his way to the nation’s capitol to meet with Super Delegates.  A forty five minute visit to the House of Representatives, from most reports, appeared to be more like a victory lap than a… whatever it was supposed to be.

For his troubles, Obama was not just given the conquering hero treatment, but also managed to net another Super Delegate in Rep. Rick Larsen.  To the best of my knowledge, Larsen marks the only Super Delegate pick up on the day.

But given the media coverage, and a poll bump that is being hinted at in today’s GDT, I imagine only one Super Delegate marks a very slow day.

UPDATE (before publishing): I was off.  According to Booman, Larsen marked Obama’s second SD pick up of the day, the first being, Brad Miller of North Carolina.

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